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Signing up to The Merit Club is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement to new spheres, topics and activities.

So why not become part of an ambitious and curious network of women and let us help you enjoy new experiences!

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Exclusive Experiences

A Merit Club membership gives you a unique opportunity that is unlike anywhere else, to try out some of London's most exclusive private members clubs, spas and experiences for £12/month, a fraction of the price, saving you thousands every month. Why is it so affordable then? Because we believe that experiencing these clubs and luxury venues shouldn’t be about how much money we have on our bank accounts.

Use your Merit Club membership to take a look inside these exclusive venues and enjoy the delights they have to offer, and the connections that they can bring, on us. Browse our current offers, and keep your eyes peeled for more novelties and new experiences every month. Networking, discovering, and enjoying a little bit of luxury, it's experiences that shape us and boost our day-to-day lives.

Members’s clubs to access with your Merit Club membership currently

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Merit Club Events

Every month we are bringing you new and exciting opportunities to push your boundaries with events we have tailored especially for you. Each event sets out to enrich your sense of self, energise your confidence and allow you to discover something different. Joining hands with experts of their fields and high profile individuals, the Merit Club wishes to share experiences that are intellectually rigorous and stimulating, but modern, open and informal at the same time. From cocktail-making masterclasses to cookery classes, self-defence workshops, to life-drawing, we are hosting a variety of events to bring our members together and to bring that extra sparkle to our week nights.

Pictures of Past events

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Perks & Discounts

Joining the Merit Club opens your access to a host of special membership benefits. Our partnerships are growing month on month and we are so excited to share some special surprises with you! Everything from independent boutique discounts to luxury brand perks, little perks that brighten up your day, and trust that a Merit Club membership will bring you plenty!

It also gives the opportunity to explore brands and experiences that you haven't done so before, for a lunch-break treat or evening social gathering.

Latest brands on board

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Meeting new people, across a range of industries, has never been more important. Yet, so often, networking can feel daunting, impersonal and restrictive. We want to remove the stigma and make networking enjoyable and interesting.

With our busy event schedule, you have plenty of opportunities to make connections and network with like-minded women.

Upcoming events

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Resource Library

Elevate your lifestyle with our library of tips and hacks you can apply in various areas of your life. Anything from the Best Snacks For Your Productivity to How To Save £100 Immediately, our aim is to introduce you to concepts that might help you .Everyone needs a bit of motivation every now and then to take control or better certain areas of our lives and we hope to provide the starting point.




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