Consciously Connected Travel

Consciously Connected focuses on Travel & Wellness with purpose. They craft, create & cultivate the most culturally rich & locally immersive experiences.

Every time you travel with them - either through their Travel Design service, their connected experiences or wellness offerings - they donate a % to a project, charity or community in that destination from their own pocket. Teamed with planting a tree as a means to combat your carbon footprint.


Founded by Ingrid Asoni who decided, after almost a decade in fashion events and PR, to take the biggest risk and create something that she was truly passionate about. The company aims to create a community of positive travellers who thrive on rediscovering themselves and are curious to expand on their perception of the world beyond their doorstep.

Travelling with Consciously Connected Travel is about discovering the world through a new lens and rediscovering yourself in the process.

They connect their travellers to a tribe of mindful movers and soulful shakers that are making a real impact across the globe. Driven by a need to create a synergy between Travel, Wellness and Philanthropy, Consciously Connected Travel have spent the last few years developing a formula that allows your travel footprint to affect change, support growth and create hope. What better way than to leave a little part of yourself behind every time you travel, simply by travelling?

Their Wellness offerings see them collaborate with some of the worlds leading health and wellness experts, from Self-Healing with Deborah Hanekamp, Self-Discovery with Amanda Giacomini and Self-Care with Tracy Harmoush. They cultivate the ultimate wellness space to allow you to be at your most vulnerable while sharing in your growth with your a connected sisterhood with likeminded women all looking for a safe space to to rediscover themselves, while rediscovering the world.






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The Merit Club members receive 10% off Wellness Retreats, access to Tribe offerings before they are made public and 1 complementary travel design service to be used before 2019.

If you are not a Merit Club member yet, 
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