The Reusable Tampon Applicator & DAME Organic Tampons

DAME is a sustainable personal care brand, on a mission to turn the bathroom green. To start with, they’re rethinking the tampon to give women a choice that’s better for their bodies and the planet. They’ve created the world’s first reusable tampon applicator to tackle the 1.3 billion applicators thrown away in the UK every year. They also offer a range of organic, toxin free, biodegradable tampons. To date they’ve saved 156 million pieces of plastic, certified as a B Corp, and won a Dezeen Design Award.

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ABOUT FOUNDER CELIA POOL & DAMe’s journey so far


“My co-founder Alec and I started outrunning a period subscription service, delivering a range of high street products to women across the UK, but we soon realised we were only skirting around the real issues at stake. The plastic waste from these single use, non-recyclable products was too massive to ignore. At the same time we could also see that women weren’t buying the existing great reusable options (cups, cloth pads) that were available on the market in large enough numbers. At that point we were very much aware that the planet was in crisis and that big change was needed fast. We couldn’t wait for people to catch up. So we went and dug deeper to find out why women weren’t using existing reusable options and the answer that kept coming back was that the habit change was too big. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and design a new product to bridge the gap, and find a sustainable alternative that required minimal habit change. Redesigning the tampon, a product women felt comfortable with, seemed to be the most logical solution.

We took a deep breath, informed our investors that we were pivoting the business and started making our own products instead. DAME was born. After two years of careful design and much tampon pondering we launched D, our reusable tampon applicator along with our organic cotton tampons. By making the small swap to our reusable applicator, you can save 12,000 disposable applicators across your lifetime.

We initially launched the idea on Kickstarter in March 2018 to see if there was demand and were blown away by the response. We reached our funding target in just 3 days, secured backing from women in over 50 countries, trended on Twitter and received international press coverage. We officially launched at the start of this year, securing a nationwide listing with Waitrose and shipping globally through our website.”

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D The Reusable Tampon Applicator

Each D is crafted from BPA free medical grade Mediprene, with inbuilt antimicrobial Sanipolymers that keep D hygienic. It’s ergonomically designed for total comfort and fits seamlessly with all standard tampons, lite to super plus, giving you the convenience of a conventional applicator, with none of the waste.

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DAME Organic Tampons

When we discovered tampons are made from chemicals and plastics, we thought women and the planet deserve better. That’s why DAME tampons are made from nothing but 100% organic cotton. They’re free from toxins, pesticides, and harsh chemicals, as well as being fully biodegradable.



Their reusable tampon applicator is available at £24.99 (including a travel wallet, 6 DAME organic tampons and reusable bathroom tin). DAME organic tampons are available via a fully flexible subscription, delivered to your door in sync with your cycle. A customisable box of 34 organic tampons costs £8.50, with UK postage covered by DAME.

Website: www.wearedame.co

Email: hello@wearedame.co

Social: @DAMEforgood


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