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Cashmere is a smart savings tool that helps fashion-conscious women save towards and buy luxury goods in a financially responsible manner. Whether it’s the Dior Saddle bag or a pair of Fendi slides you’ve been eyeing for forever, Cashmere helps you save up for and own your dream luxury wardrobe while also teaching you how to be financially savvy.


Financial adviser turned entrepreneur, Urenna Okonkwo has provided investment advice to high net worth individuals in both London and abroad. Urenna is experienced in building strategic relationships, having previously secured and managed partnerships with leading luxury, finance and lifestyle consumer brands. She has combined her love for fashion and technology with her background in finance to inspire and influence modern millennial women to enjoy luxury while also being financially savvy. Her vision is to empower women to be better with their finances so that they can afford they lifestyle they desire. Urenna has been heavily involved with impact projects that provide opportunities to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, e.g. mentoring young girls who are interested in tech careers, helping young people who want to start their own businesses, and helping improve the financial literacy and empowerment of young adults via talks and workshops.



Why We love it here at The merit club?

“It is often so nice to treat ourselves for a bit of luxury and this app helps you do just that by allowing you to save up little by little for something that will bring you plenty of joy!”

The Merit Club members receive £20* credit when membership is activated and topped up through the Cashmere Wallet

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