No matter how many times a woman updates her wardrobe or makeup bag, if her mindset has not had a makeover too, her outward update all becomes void.
— Bianca Chappell

Our aim is to shift attention from solely external beauty to internal values and to promote personal discovery, collective empowerment, and a modern sense of “merit”

Ladders, Stepping Stones and Our Journey So Far ... 

So often women in today's society feel under pressure to be super-human. It's a juggling act. Excel at work, keep fit, make time to meet family and friends, discover new places, do different things, keep on top of everything; all the time trying not to become boring. Then, on top of this, we all know deep-down that we also need a little time for ourselves. It's impossible, and something always needs to give.

What if there could be a community that accepts all of this, the pitfalls and craziness of our modern-day lives, and looks the other way? 

Here at The Merit Club, we believe in channeling a different mindset and changing direction. Our attention is not solely on career ladders, jumping with tunnel vision through endless hurdles. We wish to shift our day-to-day focus away from these routine stepping stones and towards sources of personal discovery and development. 

We understand how precious your time is. And we know that if you invest your time in us it really has to be worth it. That's why we want to create an environment where you can feel 100% confident. At our events, we want people to feel completely at ease and for you to be yourself, whether you choose to come alone, meet new people, or bring your friends along too. 

We want to create a community where people can recharge. So often, keeping connected to the world around us drains our batteries, both physically and emotionally. We want to flip the switch and create a platform where people feel their wellbeing is being energised, a place where people can boost their intellectual levels, and stay up to date with the latest content and hot-topics.

This is an environment where people can restore their confidence, revive, recover and refresh their brain-space and sense of self, out-and-out strengthening themselves as a person in a sphere that is separate from their work.

Dilemmas and problems are sprung upon us everyday. Let's face it, life can be unpredictable and downright difficult at times! We hope that The Merit Club, through our events and our online platforms, might just give you some answers to your problems, big or small, or at least widen your outlook and provide you with new directions to pursue. From "How do I keep my relationship happy?" to "How to make the most of being single?", from "How can I progress at work?" to "How can I be more mindful about my money?", day-to-day life seems that little bit easier when we can discuss and explore life's many complications together. 

Find out about the Membership

We want to harness the abstract sense of “female empowerment” and connect to it in a tangible way and bring it into the personal realities of our day-to-day lives.


We believe in investment, time and exploring long term solutions and ideas for happiness and satisfaction. We want to help people find those investment pieces and to build their confidence in whatever form that takes. 


In both the physical space of our events and the abstract space of our online platforms, we will create safe spaces for our members to explore their inner sense of merit, for themselves and in their own way.

We want to bring together a network of like-minded women who wish to discover, develop, empower others and be inspired themselves. Our promise? To ensure that through each event you can explore exciting new places in your city, broaden your horizons, and make invaluable connections. To pledge that The Merit Club membership will open your eyes to new ideas, and give you a tangible, knowledgeable, and confident connection to that all-important movement: female empowerment.