PR Dispatch

by Rosie Davies

PR Dispatch is the first PR subscription business in the UK dedicated to product-based businesses. They help brands do their own PR and get their products featured in magazines for just £39 per month. They have established a loyal community of subscribers who have been featured in Elle, Stylist, The Guardian, Telegraph and many more and they would definitely be able to help you!


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I founded our other agency LFA in 2013 to offer affordable PR to independent brands. Over time I realised that even LFA’s innovative low cost approach to PR was not affordable enough for many growing businesses.

So with this realisation, and armed with the knowledge that no one can sell a business quite like its owner, we developed PR Dispatch in 2017. I wanted to take down the main barriers that small businesses face in doing their own PR - knowledge and networks. This is exactly what PR Dispatch does.


What to expect

PR Dispatch is a PR subscription service enabling brands to pitch their products to publications from as little as £39 per month. Through their login, they have access to contacts, invaluable PR advice and constant support. We offer 8 product subscription categories ranging from Womenswear and Home over to Wedding and Kids. With our regular subscription, subscribers will be sent three contacts for regular features every month; one long lead contact (monthly publication), one short lead (weekly publication) and one online publication. These are specific to the brand’s chosen product category. In addition to that, subscribers also receive access to the “Knowledge Hub”, taking them through exactly what they need for press. For example what kind of imagery to send, what to include in an email pitch, when to follow up if an editor does not get back, how to design line sheets etc. 

Getting featured in a top UK publication can be a game changer for a small brand. Not only does it drive sales, but awareness, credibility and potential stockists. Knowing that given the chance and right support brands can get their products on to the pages of magazines themselves, we have proven that PR Dispatch works. Our current brands have been featured in top UK publications and we already have a waiting list for our Christmas Gift Guide subscription.

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