DH Coaching & Consulting

by Dannielle Haig

Dannielle Haig is a Business Psychologist, Business Coach and Psychodynamic Therapist who runs her own consultancy, DH Coaching & Consulting. She works with both organisations and individuals successfully enhancing careers, profitability, resilience, engagement, health and well-being.  


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Dannielle has an extensive background in Human Development and human behaviour with academic achievements in the field of Psychology, Business Psychology, Psychodynamic Therapy and Business Coaching. This breadth of knowledge has allowed Dannielle the ability to understand human behaviour from both the scientific, evidence-based perspective as well as the analytic human-centered perspective.

Dannielle Haig has worked independently for over 2-years across a variety of industries, from Finance and Banking to Law, Tech, Media, Construction, Recruitment, Beauty, and Fitness and beyond.

HOW CAN Dannielle HELP you?

Due to Dannielle’s extensive and varied training, she is qualified and experienced in assisting women as a Business Coach through the many stages of their careers and across all industries. Perhaps you’ve hit a blockade and need some help navigating your next career steps, or you’re in need of an impartial and non-judgmental sounding board, or maybe something in your personal life is having an impact on your work life or vice-versa? Whether change or development, Dannielle is here to help.

The Merit Club members can take advantage of a £100 Introductory Coaching sessions (normally £270) to start the beginning of your Coaching experience and reach your true potential.

Location: Dannielle is based in London and can be reached through Skype as well.

Investment: £100 Introductory Coaching sessions (60% discount)

Social Links: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dannielle-haig-coach

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DH.COACHING.CONSULTING

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/DH_Coaching/


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