Cornerstone Office Search

To help businesses find their perfect office space, from individual entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.

Covering the whole market, they use their experience to find the ideal working solution for their clients, always free of charge and with no obligation.


Cornerstone Office Search bloomed after the founders all met in previous roles and believed there had to be a better way for companies to find office space.

They have all worked together before in the serviced office industry but wanted to create the best possible service for their clients, with over 30 years combined experience between them.

Having all worked on the office provider side, they have taken that experience and turned it into a positive for their clients and their office search journey, ensuring that they only match them with offices that meet their requirements and therefore enabling them to continue running their businesses.

What can you expect from the Cornerstone Office Search Service?

The first thing we do is listen; it might sound obvious but by providing a truly consultative experience from the get-go, we start with the correct information so we can do the best job possible. 

Based on your criteria they start your search. Importantly, and uniquely, they don’t give out any contact details, so you are never bombarded with unsolicited sales calls. This also allows them to manage the whole process from start to finish including negotiating on your behalf - getting you the best price possible by leveraging their in-depth market knowledge.


They will then provide you with a shortlist of suitable offices with real-time pricing of the spaces available. Once you have had a look through, they will discuss the favourites and arrange for you to visit the preferred offices. In most cases, they will accompany you to these viewings so you don’t need to worry about directions or remembering all the jargon – they have that covered and will send an overview of all salient points.

If they have found your perfect office, they continue working and negotiating the best deal possible for you. This is done with consent before they respond to each negotiation step, so you are always in control. 

When you have moved in, you may think that’s the end of your working relationship, but there is more! They have a Community of Partners who share discounts, deals and their services, built from previous clients of theirs or recommendations. They actively introduce clients to each other, as and when needed, so it is always worth keeping in touch with them as they will continue to help you grow your business through their little black book.




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The Merit Club members receive a free, impartial service - with full market review and visibility for the entire serviced and managed office market.

They ensure zero contact from third parties, and that you only deal with them.

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