Lily Advisory

by Indre Butkeviciute

Lily Advisory is a boutique providing the tools and knowledge for women to lead a financially sound and business savvy lifestyle. There are three main focus areas: 1.Wealth Coaching for women; 2.Business Mentoring for female-led businesses; 3.Financially Sound Women (FSW) Club: masterclasses, webinars, podcasts, networking events, newsletters, investment meet-ups

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I spent almost 8 years in private wealth management at Morgan Stanley in London working with investors and helping them manage their wealth. My main responsibilities were to help investors understand how to structure their portfolios, how to make decisions for the appropriate investments and how to manage that on a long term basis. Since leaving the banking world I have been focusing predominantly on helping women take control of their personal finance irrespective of their wealth. My mission is to help women become financially independent, accumulate wealth and learn how to make the most out of it.

What to expect

One on one wealth coaching is aimed at those who have recently come into money (divorce, inheritance, sale of a business or other asset) and need help to plan forward. During the sessions you will learn the basic fundamentals in finance, what are the different asset classes, how to measure your risk versus reward that you are seeking, understand your goals and needs and how to combine the two, put together your portfolio and learn how to best implement it in practice. Depending on the level of sophistication and complexity, you can choose from free different packages:

  • Basic – that gives you 5 hours of sessions and is designed for those with advanced understanding of the financial markets and fairly simple portfolio needs, or want to tackle one specific area

  • Advanced – gives you 10 hours of sessions and is designed for those that have a very basic understanding of financial markets and complex portfolio needs.

  • Ultimate – bespoke assessment of needs with a free consultation and determination of hours needed, but no less than 15 hours. This is designed for those who have no understanding of financial markets, have not done any investing at all and are faced with a decision to implement an effective investment strategy for their wealth.

  • Business mentoring – for female entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a viable business or take an existing start-up to a new growth level. Based on hourly sessions and you can have as few as just one or as many as you wish.

Key learning points:

> preparing financial business plans;

> understanding and preparing cash flow projections, profit and loss calculations;

> understanding balance sheets;

> preparation on rising money for the business;

> expanding the network;

> access to various industry events.

The Merit Club members receive 30% across all services

Location: London, Skype


  • Wealth Coaching – Basic £350; Advanced £700; Ultimate £Bespoke with 30% discount, minimum £1,050. contacting directly for initial consultation to determine appropriate package

  • Business Mentoring £70/hour

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