Discover the Adult Electric scooter - Micro Condor

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NOT just a gimmick and definitely not just a toy for kids - Micro Scooters make getting from A-B quicker, easier, healthier and greener. Their adult scooters have the potential to revolutionise everyday journeys and are the perfect alternative to cramming onto a claustrophobic tube or bus!

Micro Scooters are the original inventor of the 2 wheeled scooter. 20 years on, and with millions of adults and children using their award winning products to make every day journeys easier, they are at the heart of a scooting storm!

A high end electric scooter will halve commuting times, save a fortune and take down stress levels - a pretty cool alternative gift or treat for yourself no?

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About the Micro Condor

The Micro Condor is Swiss engineered and packs a technical punch. With large wheels to go further faster, a throttle brake for greater control, 15mph top speed and regenerative braking.

One of the most comfortable and lightweight electric scooters available, the Condor has 4 ride control modes, motion control for easy riding, is foldable for easy transportation and comes with a kickstand.  

Micro-Scooters ensure you will electrify your commute in a way you never thought possible…!

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Website: www.micro-scooters.co.uk

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