THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal

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THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal signals the beginning of the ‘I Am Enough’ era for women. The powerful yet simple 400-page daily morning journal is geared towards helping you appreciate yourself, embrace life now, and realise your own positive definition of empowerment, gradually and realistically. The ask is simple: Write down one kind thing about yourself each day, acknowledge your past achievements, quieten your doubtful thoughts and be intentional about your day. Work through the daily pages – creatively mapped out to throw a spotlight on your thought-processes and identify your minds’ games. Get coached back into control, and start being kinder to yourself.

It’s not here to teach women how to be great, it’s here to remind them that they already are.

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I really wanted to write and put together something useful and timeless for any woman on a journey to being kinder to herself, about herself.
— Samata, Author and Founder THE TRIBE™

Where your mind goes, the day follows…

That’s why your morning mindset is so important. THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal is a bag-sized uplifting and unloading space, full of thought-provoking self-care content. Discover daily celebration spaces, intentions, questions, quotes and mind-maps, plus plenty of space for reflections and ideas too. Journey through engaging stories and 19 empowering lists, and be inspired by extracts from 10 interviews with women from THE TRIBE™ global community, a diverse representation of ages, ethnicities and industries - including science, art, fashion, business and activism. Designed to provide a years' worth of support, the journal tackles self-doubt and champions self-celebration, bit by bit. Today is the day to celebrate yourself and your wins...big and small.

The simple purpose of THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal is to make anyone who uses it feel happy about who they already are.

That’s what #IAmEnough is all about.

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