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SELF DEFENCE Workshop for Women

  • Light Centre Monument 36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU United Kingdom (map)

with Stewart McGill

Self Defence is a life skill. Yet, sadly, we may not realise just how important it is until it is too late.


Join us with the British Combat Association's Senior Instructor and Chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga, Stewart McGill, to equip yourself with the skills and confidence to defend yourself against the most common attacks you may face. Hopefully you will never need to use the teachings of Urban Krav Maga, but why wait to find out. The leaders of this workshop acknowledge the importance of "awareness, avoidance and pre-emption" but they also recognise that you can’t always avoid a potential violent encounter. They promise to teach everything that may be needed for self defence and where it may be necessary in all manner of environments, including solitary, highly confined, crowded spaces, cars, shopping centres, nightclubs, buses and more.

The Urban Krav Maga aim is to equip students as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks they may face. Once the student has mastered these techniques more difficult scenarios are addressed to build a support system that will enable them to deal with almost any situation. By teaching concepts through techniques students are taught how to read a situation and how to react/respond accordingly, even if they have not experienced that exact same scenario in training. They affirm that giving students the ability to improvise is an important element of their training.

To expand upon this a little further, Urban Krav Maga is a defence system that:

1. Combines the best elements of the systems referred to above with the Israeli mentality of “this is the problem – what is the solution?”

2. Contains a range of techniques that are not dependent on sex, size or strength. All techniques need to work against anyone, regardless of physical disadvantage. They also acknowledge that different students sometimes need different or modified solutions so there is a personal development approach for the student too.

3. Is genuinely collegiate and evolutionary in its approach. There’s a very wide range of experience in the Technical Committee, everybody has a say in how techniques develop and, crucially, nobody is hidebound by ego or adherence to tradition – the one priority is to make techniques work well for all who need them. They promise to listen to students – the genesis of the system lies in their observations of what does/doesn’t work for students under pressure and how they can improve upon their chances of getting home safely from any form of violent encounter.

4. Recognises the importance of pre-emptive strikes for self-defence – action always beats reaction.

5. Takes a genuinely scenario-based approach. In Urban Krav Maga, the ‘core’ syllabus is based around the disciplines and techniques needed to defend the 10 most common street attacks.

The core syllabus also contains a range of techniques applicable to female self-defence, grappling (stand-up and on the ground), fighting/sparring techniques and weapons defences.

What to expect?

You can expect to receive professional and personal training from this class, learning self-defence skills that have been tailored especially for you in a safe and practical environment. Stewart will talk about how to avoid the most common attacks, teaching concepts through techniques and how to best react to them.

Come wearing comfortable clothes.

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Spaces are limited to ensure plenty of individual attention from the tutor.

Workshop Schedule:  5th November, workshop starts at 2pm, finishes at 3:30pm

Location: Central London

Investment: £15


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