When Everything Goes Wrong: How to Survive Being Attacked


Presented by Rick Seigmund

No one wants to be a victim of violence, but in our unpredictable world, no one can guarantee that they will always be able to avoid dangerous situations. How to survive being attacked is a basic question we all need to come to grips with. An attack can be one of the most debilitating and frightening things that can happen to us. There’s the fear of the unknown, and the speed at which an attack can happen out of nowhere, that leaves big question marks of what would I do, how would I react hanging over us. Many of us can only imagine being attacked and the visceral, primal feeling it would spark within us. That freeze. That fight or flight situation, which we would never want to be in.

For Rick Seigmund, it’s all about preventing it from happening as much as you possibly can. When you leave your house just ask yourself these simple questions. Do you know the people around you? Are you practising basic observation? Are you concentrating on where you’re going and who you are with? Just by lifting your head up, head on a swivel, and listening out for noises and who is around you, will up your awareness and give you that head start to remove yourself from a dangerous situation, if your environment shifts and you start to feel unsafe.

Yet, sometimes an attack is unavoidable. You have to kick in your flinch response and be a survivor. Listen on for some kick-ass confidence… and look out for more blog posts this week on self-defence and ways to make yourself safe, strong and savvy.



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