Fight Science: Defence Against An Abduction Attempt | Self Defence Moves You Should Know

Continuing on our self-defence theme ahead of our Self Defence Workshop this Sunday, this video for us highlights the raw intensity of an attack and just how important it is to be prepared. As the people behind Fight Science question, let’s say that you are checking your mobile phone when someone suddenly grabs hold of your arms to drag you around the corner. How do you defend yourself? What are the best self defence moves or techniques for that moment of time? If you are a woman what would you do?

We all hope we would find a way to buy ourselves some time, raise the alarm and break away, but until it happens it’s hard to know what we would actually do. A violent encounter can take you by surprise and takes away your control. That’s why we believe it’s so important to learn these tips and tricks and practice them, so we can live our independent and busy lives with as much confidence and awareness as possible.

What does this video demonstrate? First, the importance of hand fighting and making sure the attacker can’t get hold of your arms. Second, the simple concept of making yourself heavy so you don’t get carried away. It seems simple to say, but is something we’d never even registered! How true is it that when a petulant toddler is throwing a tantrum and weighs themselves down, it’s actually really hard to shift them. Even though we know we’re so much stronger than them in a normal situation, they just will not budge. My panic is that in a threatening situation, in that quick first moment I might forget all of the clever moves and twists and not buy myself enough time, while something as simple as weighing myself down to start with actually seems achievable. So thank you Fight Science!

To put this, and more, into practice, then join us next Sunday for our Self Defence Workshop with the British Combat Association Senior Instructor and Chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga, Stewart McGill. It will be such a valuable experience, and is one we can’t wait to try out for ourselves!