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TraceyLiv Coaching is a coaching and training business based in London and operating globally.

Their mission is to support entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leaders to achieve success in business, realise financial prosperity, have a deep connection to their spiritual selves and live an authentic life connected to their soul's truth, purpose and calling.

Tracey’s services are transformational, as they marry the power of coaching with the power of spiritual mentorship, and she does this through bespoke 1:1 business coaching serving corporate clients in the form of training and executive coaching. Tracey regularly offers courses, workshops and online training's to support the greater human collective.


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Tracey Livingston founded TraceyLiv Ltd, a global coaching and training company in London, UK. With over 10 years of professional and international experiences in the United States, MENA and Europe, she specialises in coaching, psychology, conflict resolution, intergroup dialogue, cross-cultural communication, diversity & inclusion initiatives, energy-work, leadership, management and mentoring. Her clients are drawn to her because she includes Spiritual Mentorship in all of her coaching conversations, VIP days and messaging – as she firmly believes that the soul has all the power.

Tracey was also recently the Lead Coach for a filmed documentary by LavoieFilms called The Retreat: a docu-series airing on Amazon Prime in Summer 2019.



Tracey is calling all The Merit Club members who are looking to make an impact in the world through their businesses and lifestyle. It’s imperative that you’re running a thriving businesses that meets or exceeds your financial targets, creates powerful outcomes for your clients and that YOU feel amazing and are living your preferred lifestyle.

If you’re seeking support to surpass your goals, burst through challenges and playing it small, and seek both a certified coach and someone who provides spiritual mentorship and access to your authentic self – you’re in the right place.

Head over to Tracey’s website, have a look at who she is, what she does, and book a complimentary Discovery Call with her.

She’ll honour a call with anyone coming from The Merit Club. Together we will dive into your most important goals and challenges, create breakthrough awareness and next steps, and you’ll walk away feeling more focused, aligned and empowered.

Tracey is authentically dedicated to her craft which as a client, made me feel safe, secure and free to discuss the current issues life was throwing at me. Following just one call with Tracey I felt uplifted and like a massive blockage had been removed in my life. Even today as I write this recommendation I feel so motivated to go out and get sh*t/stuff done, to take my life where I really want it to be. Tracey’s coaching is incredible and her unique approach got me moving at lightning-fast speed.

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