Francesa Dal Corso is a Coach and Speaker who runs her own business, Superbrain. She works with both organisations and individuals to help them increase their learning potential in a method that is tailored to their specific needs and background.  


Francesca was a Law student in Milan, Italy when she first approached learning techniques. She always believed that smart work wins over hard work and when you work hard and smart at the same time it means that you are maximising your potential.

In 2011 she got so passionate about the technique that she decided to quit University and start teaching individuals about how they can increase their learning potential. Francesca taught over 2000 professionals and students to date.

She lived and worked in Florida for 18 months before deciding to move to London, where she then began to develop the Superbrain course.

Francesa developed Superbrain based on her 7+ years of experience in the learning industry and the constant researches that are made in the field.



Superbrain is a live training seminar that teaches professionals how to make sure that anything they learn sticks to their memory.

Speed reading, processing information, memory techniques and other skills that are used daily are covered at the course. We live in the information era. This means that the problem is not really to store that information, but to be able to process it and use it as you need.

This is the reason why it’s fundamental to train your brain to retain information in seconds, making sure you can recall it for as long as you need to. The only way to process information and learn more quickly, is by knowing what your key to learning is.
Do you know what are the main characteristic of our memory? How to use them in you daily life? How to avoid spending time on reading or researching always the same data over and over again? Francesca at Superbrain will give you the guidance and the answers.


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