Catherine Cornelissen

Catherine has an amazing online interior boutique, Decor A List that has been carefully curated around the concept that your home should reflect you. Their ethos strongly embodies the notion of individuality to embrace your innately stylish flair by not only offering you truly unique and one of a kind pieces, but also extending their bespoke design and art concierge services to provide a tailored luxury to each individual client on an individual basis. One of the main principles of Decor A List is to enable you to select from a variety of pieces that differ in aesthetics, style and taste, so you can truly curate your own collection of pieces that accurately reflect you.



I moved to the UK from Canada to go to boarding school after growing up in Vancouver and also living in Toronto. My parents divorced when I was two years old and I have always been shuffling around the world since then. As a result of this, I really value of the notion of a home and everything that a home embodies which is why I decided to put this into practise by launching an e-boutique that offers a variety of interior styles to cater to everyone’s personal taste - we’re all unique in our own way and I think we should all embrace that.

My experiences consist of studying History of Art at Christie’s Education in London as well as Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute. As a child, I knew my passion was always art and interiors, something that really grew when I worked for David Gill and fell in love with the designs of Zaha Hadid and Mattia Bonetti. I no work alongside Philippa Devas in her interior design studio while also running Decor A List and helping private clients with interior design and art sourcing. 

What to expect?

I will work with you on your interior design and/or restyling or your entire home or a specific room. My aim is to listen to your requirements and create a home that revolves around YOU. We will set up an initial meeting with coffee and snacks to get to know each other, chat a little about what you love (where you like to travel, what makes you happy, your hobbies). I’ll create an initial mood board for you to give you an idea of some suggestions - all free of charge.

Art: Whether you are looking for your first piece of affordable art or wishing to expand your existing collection, I will source form my own inventory and contacts in the primary and secondary market to put together a portfolio of suggestions.

The Merit Club members receive two hours free consultation

Location: London (but more than happy to travel elsewhere in the country provided I am compensated). 

Investment: To start with £0, if you wish to continue working with me, my fees are £50 / hour.

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