Mood Booster Journal

by Camilla Woolgar

We absolutely love the idea behind Mood Booster Journal, a journal which was created with the aim to help people live their lives to the full, to encourage and help them flourish.


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follow @moodboosterjournal

When I some years ago suffered anxiety/depression I found myself trying to write down little notes, reminding myself of anything which had great and deep meaning to me, recall happy memories and positive experiences in an attempt to try and reclaim my life. However, staring at blank paper without prompts can sometimes be difficult, and I felt a journal with prompts and a place to make notes of your good days/moments with an inspiring design would be much more powerful - that’s where the idea of The Mood Booster Journal started to grow. Being a web/graphic designer it was only natural to start the process of designing the perfect journal to help boost anyone’s mood and help with people’s sense of happiness.


Track the best things in life with The Mood Booster Journal. With this journal you have the opportunity to create your own unique book of happiness which makes you reflect and focus how special you are. It's perfect for the boost we might need now and then while building up motivation, confidence and strength. The journal will become your treasure of happiness.

The journal has 30 thought provoking prompts for reflection and self-exploration. The journal also consists of a 365-day diary intended for you to track encouragements, gratitude, achievements, happy moments and successes. You will discover how truly amazing you are.

This journal can be started at any time of the year and is designed so you don't need to use it chronologically, you can choose to dip in and out of the journal. The journal can be used as a keepsake which you continually can add to and refer to.

moodboosterjournal 1.jpg

The journal includes:

  • 30 thought provoking prompts for reflection

  • Pages to write down your favourite quotes

  • Pages to stick in visual memories

  • Pages for additional notes

  • Happiness diary - 365 days (not annually dated, can be used year after year, just waiting to be filled out with pure awesomeness!)

  • Contemporary and inspirational design

  • 289 pages

  • Coloured graphics

  • White 100-gram paper

  • Smooth matte hardcover

  • Dimensions - H: 24 cm, L: 16.2cm, D: 2.5 cm

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