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  • 1 Charlotte Street London, England, United Kingdom (map)

After our wonderful sold out Introductory Class To Meditation, we are pleased to invite you to our next Meditation workshop! This new series is here to help you forget about your phone, your laptop, and the outside world and allow yourself 60 minutes to focus solely on yourself.

We all need to carve out time in our hectic day-to-day lives to just be, to recharge, reconnect with ourselves and find renewed energy to deal with our problems. As modern women we have a tendency to try to do it all, to be everything for everyone. Juggling all of these roles inevitably means that something has to give, and often what we sacrifice is our own health and happiness. This is when life starts to feel like more of a challenge than a joy. We begin to lose our sense of purpose. We have little time for our passions, and no time for ourselves. We live out of balance with our natural flow and intuition, and we become slaves to worry and stress. Life has its demands and we forget what it means to live well. This workshop is a reminder. It offers challenges, soul searching, and an opportunity for change. Don't worry if you are new to meditation like us, this workshop will introduce you to different meditation techniques and you can learn how to switch off and recharge in your own time.

This is the second class of our monthly meditation get-together after a first sell out event and we hope you will find the time to join us!

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Meet Simon!

Simon has been practising & studying yoga for over 14 years and teaching since 2010. Simon's teaching style is one of emphasis on the breath, healthy alignment, whilst also giving an opportunity for deep relaxation. All of his classes are open, friendly and informative. He comes with 25 years experience of a fast-paced, city working-life and all the pressures, expectations and challenges that this lifestyle brings, so Simon really understands what we, busy woman need in order to switch off!

About this meditation class

Meditation is well researched and documented to reduce stress, release worry & anxiety and promote better sleep. To sit in Meditation is to make time for self, be in stillness and reconnect to the peace that is inherent within. This releases the outer states of worry and tension and prevents the build-up of stress and dis-ease. In this relaxed state, a great sense of wellbeing, serenity and contentment can be experienced which when developed over time, is a state that pervades and underlies all emotional states.

This class is for anyone looking to take time out and tune in with their experience in a quiet, supportive, small-group environment. It is suitable for beginners with no previous meditation experience, as well as those looking for a refresher or to explore new practises / deepen an existing practise.

During this hour we will experience a range of different meditation practices : including how to use the breath to overcome distractions, meditation using mantras, visualisations, expansiveness meditation plus yoga nidra.

We will explore different gentle exercises that can help us sit more comfortably to meditate, practices that can help to quieten our mind prior to meditation as well as have discussions on the effects of diet and lifestyles on meditation. 

You will learn how to –

• Take that important first step of making your health and happiness a priority.
• Create space and stillness within a busy day.
• Reconnect with your values, your passions and your purpose.
• Let go of all the unnecessary clutter and demands on your time.
• Rest and re-energise with deeply relaxing guided meditations.
• Most importantly, you will leave with a simple but effective personalised plan of action that is guaranteed to bring balance, passion and flow back into your life.

Have you tried to meditate previously and then given up?
...or have you meant to start but haven't managed to yet? 

Simon will share with you the tools, hints and tips that can help you overcome the many obstacles that can stop us from meditating as well as provide an online resource to support you.

Suitable for?

Anyone, of any age, background or religion. We will be sitting on the floor on cushions / supports or on chairs for those who prefer. 
All that is required is an openness and willingness to the practices.

What to bring

Just yourself.  

Number of students:

A limited number of students will be allowed on this meditation class. The student:teacher ratio will be exceptionally high, and ensures plenty of individual attention, and a friendly, welcoming environment.

Date: Tuesday 27th February 2018

Workshop Schedule:  doors open 6:30, meditation starts 7.00pm - 8.00pm, doors close 8:30pm

Location: 1 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia

Investment: £10 for Members, £15 for Non-members including 60 minutes guided meditation and refreshments

Please note, this event is for women only.

Earlier Event: February 27
Later Event: February 28