Meditation & Mantras: Where Should You Meditate?

Through our Meditation Event and Blog Post Series, we wanted to explore the ins and outs of practising meditation with our new resident meditation and yoga guru, Simon. Promising to guide us in our meditation practice, Simon will be sharing his favourite techniques, tips and advice on how to live a more mindful life. From 3 minutes a day in the comfort of our homes, to Simon's meditation classes exclusively for our members, there are many ways to practice meditation. So let's use the new year to discover this new state of consciousness for ourselves, taking the time to shift our focus, harness a sense of mindfulness little and often, and see how it can benefit our day-to-day mindset. 

This week, we got talking to Simon about where it is best to meditate...

We love the fact that for meditation there is nothing you need to buy, no expensive gyms to sign up for and it is a practise you can apply wherever you may travel. It's in line with our philosophy of improving your sense of well-being and well-roundedness, and striving for success, balance, and happiness in your life with something that is accessible and in everyone's reach. All it takes is some dedication and practice, and Simon is here to point you in the right direction.... quite literally!

For Simon, placing yourself in the right direction physically can be important for meditation, with the earth giving off favourable magnetic fields. Looking to the East in the morning can be helpful for some people, as directing your posture to the direction that the sun is rising bears symbolic meaning. Similarly, facing the North can also be conducive for meditation, because the North has beneficial vibrations. 

It is also important to find a particular place for your meditation that feels comfortable for you, as sitting in the same place can really help you develop your practice. Maybe it will be next to your bed, or on your bed, or on a chair in a certain room - wherever there is a quiet space that can become your sanctuary for finding calmness. As Simon muses, over time you may even notice small changes in energy in that space, with it seeming calmer and separate from your chaotic life. How true is it that if you enter a room where someone has had an argument, you can really feel the charge in the atmosphere. It's the same with meditation. You create that calm energy, and you may even find other people noticing the tranquil and thoughtful change of energy in that space too. 


Still looking for a bit of inspiration? Check out this quick video on how to create a meditation space in your home:



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Simon Hoten

Simon is a meditation and yoga teacher, practicing iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 and Level 2