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Presented by Hayley Quinn

GOING RENEGADE is a premier training event for women who want to break dating rules & empower themselves in love, with cutting edge dating skills training for women. This private weekend with HAYLEY QUINN and her top team of dating coaches and lifestyle experts focuses on real life practice and fearless skill development, promising to equip you with ways to meet men in real life, how to be confident communicating clearly and being assertive, discovering how to flirt and send stronger signals, and how to understand and intrigue a new partner, all the while feeling empowered. 

Join Hayley and her team as they lead you and a small committed group of women through her ground-breaking dating philosophy and real life challenges. With attendee numbers kept low, the course ensures high quality coaching and effective feedback on all your interactions. It is 70% practical including 3 real life sessions to radically change how many men you meet. Combining 6 hours of Practical Field Coaching with HQ and the Team, with 2 strategy taught modules on dating skills for approaching and flirting on dates, 1 dating philosophy module on making your independent, smart nature work for you, and 1 'inside his mind' module delivered by a male dating expert. 

Rest assured, Hayley will be your perfect guide. A TEDx speaker, author and creator of her unique dating strategy, Hayley has appeared as an expert for The Telegraph, BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 and has coached thousands of men and women towards excellence using her personally designed courses and clubs.

What to Expect

The weekend is split across a Friday evening and Saturday, with different sections divided up as follows:


Prosecco welcome & mission brief

19.00-20.00 Philosophy # 1: Kickstart

We begin with a bubbles reception and mission briefing at an exclusive London location. You will receive your Field Manuals and an introduction to the only female empowered dating philosophy in town.

20.00-22.30 Field Session 1

Experience your first time developing the skills to get more men to approach you and the exact words you can use to approach men in a way that is natural and fun.

22.30 – 23.00 Mission Debrief and Q&A with me


coffee welcome & mission brief

11.00-12.00 Philosophy Module on Hayley’s Vantage Point Philosophy

This is a game changer for your approach to dating and will change how you interact with men.

12.00-14.00 Field Session 2

A chance to discovered a new way to meet men – during the daytime. We head to select London locations and explore meeting high quality men in coffee shops, bookshops and health stores. No more dates with guys you’re just not that into from an app.

14.00-14.30 Break For Lunch

14.30-16.00 Flirtshop

I teach you how to supercharge your dates with non-awkward ways to create more impact. I want you to stand out from the crowd.

16.00 – 17.00 Inside His Mind

Talk with a male dating expert about what he’s really thinking and feeling. You will get an access all areas pass into his mind so you can better understand the men in your life.

17.00 – 18.00 New Life Practices That Will Change Your Dating Life

Your last field session and a chance to combine what you know about meeting men during the daytime and at bars. All our field sessions have a 2:1 client to coach ratio to keep training highly personal. Everyone who undertakes Going Renegade will also get one of their Field Sessions with me personally.

19.30 – 21.30 Farewell Q&A With Complementary Canapés And Cocktails 

We finish Going Renegade how we begun with complimentary canapés and cocktails at a top London restaurant.

Dates: 10 November and 11 November 2017

Workshop Schedule:  Starts at 7:00 pm at an exclusive London location and continues on the following day. 

Location: They will send you all the details about Going Renegade event within 48 hours.

Investment: £695 early bird before 7th October / £897 full price. 

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