The Guilty Feminist: Feminism and Faith with Reubs J Walsh, Leyla Hussein and Rev Kate Harford

Ever felt like you should be better at feminism?

Join comedian Deborah Frances-White and her special guests for their new comedy podcast, recorded in front of a live audience. Each week they discuss topics “all 21st century feminists agree on” while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine their lofty principles.

In this podcast, Deborah is joined by Reubs J Walsh, who identifies as a trans-feminist, Metropolitan Community Church Christian with a social-developmental neuroscience PhD, Leyla Hussein, an award-winning campaigner on FGM and gender rights, psychotherapist, and consultant, and Rev Kate Harford, an HE Chaplain and Metropolitan Community Church clergy to discuss the relationship in modern society between feminism and faith. Spanning across different religions and practices, they explore how feminism has been linked to religion throughout history. In their discussions they track the development of feminism, it's complexities and its impact, and how females as a gender have been regarded in relation to religions from their very foundations. 

We feel the success of this podcast, amalgamating a selection of live recordings, lies in it's balance between frank conversation, openness, and flexibility, with good humour and light-heartedness, and its underlying poignancy and important intent. The format of the show, together with the speakers' engaging personalities, creates an atmosphere in which people aren't taking themselves too seriously. It very much accepts that there are no right or wrong answers. Yet, at the same time, the show isn't afraid to tackle serious issues, and the speakers are willing to open up and admit to both their own insecurities and hypocrisies, and uncover those around them. Despite different beliefs, and varying ideas of spirituality and faith, this podcast celebrates discussion that is far from a debate, but rather understanding and an appreciation.