Pioneering a new expression of Ethical Athleisure accessories, Glow is disrupting the market space between high–visabilty wear, ethical production and athleisure.


Glow are all about style, safety and social impact.

They are a Social Enterprise and a brand bringing an innovative dimension to functional fashion.

In much the same way as a hood transforms the functionality of a coat, they transform the everyday, aiming to make high–vis accessories a part of our everyday wardrobe.

As a forerunner in high-visability clothing, Glow has carved a niche in high-value functional accessories. Their transitional accessories change with the wearers needs, providing night responsive, light reflecting accessories for the safety + style conscious city dweller.

Their range is fashionable in the day and functional at night.

The heart of their brand comes from working with women from disadvantaged backgrounds to create the range.

The collection is handmade, and each woman is paid the London Living Wage, creating direct Social Impact in the lives of the ladies who work together to make the pieces. They value traditional crochet and knitting techniques, preserving the artisanal processes that stimulate mental health and well being here in London.


Their knitted cuff snood is unisex, one size and comes in nine colour ways.

Founder Comet Chukura’s Background


Comet was raised in the East End of London, far before it was trendy, by a single mother who was a professional seamstress and who taught her the art of dumpster diving for off cuts from perfectly good fabric that the factories in Whitechapel used to discard. After years of wearing her mothers home made creations, Comet developed an aptitude and a passion for all things fashion and textiles, going on to study and specialise in the craft. Since then Comet has developed a nose for ingenuity and entrepreneurship and set out as a Fashion entrepreneur to solve problems in a creative way.

As a graduate of London College of Fashion, Comet initially spent years in a studio, working at Michiko Koshino and then at Preen and although design was a part of her role, Comet had become dispassionate about the heart of fashion and it’s disposable nature so turned her hand to costume design and styling instead. It wasn’t until Comet started cycling around London more frequently a few years later that she realised the gap in the market and following a brief stint running an online customisation business, Comet turned her hand to found Glow, meeting the needs of the active but stylish city dweller.




Social: @glowandsee

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