Filmworks is an independent production company that can tailor packages specifically to the needs of your business.

Video is the most widely used medium for advertising. It’s easily transferred and shared across different communication platforms, reaching new audiences quicker than ever before. Filmworks believes people feel a more personal and emotional connection to short, engaging videos rather than merely reading text.  

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Whether through a 5-second teaser or a 3-minute video, corporations can bring new life to their brand communication through film.

Work with Filmworks!

They are a focussed team of creative individuals passionate about storytelling on all levels. From a solo business owner’s story on launching a new brand to the CEO of major corporates, they have filmed it all.

They offer bespoke prices, specifically tailored to each individual project so the best of both worlds really is possible, smart budgets and superb quality.


Anushka is the Creative Director of Filmworks and oversees every production. She has been working in the Broadcast TV and corporate video sector for 20 years. With a background in drama, entertainment and commercials. She set up Filmworks to help businesses communicate through high quality films at affordable prices. She has interviewed countless A list celebrities over the years and uses those skills to get the best performance from her clients.

Anushka believes in collaboration and works with established BAFTA award winning crews to upcoming talent to ensure each project is uniquely brilliant.

She also has a marketing background and understands that some clients require support on how to share their content, so Filmworks can help with that.


They offer a full production service and tailor the package to your requirements and budget.

  • Pre-Production: The idea and brief is discussed and various video styles are presented and explained. This is where ideas come to life.

Budgets are reviewed and finalised.

  • Production: In most cases a script is crafted,  working closely with the client. Many corporate videos involve interviews so they work on the questions together to make sure the client is communicating what they need to, to their audience.

Storyboards are created at this stage, budget dependant.

Locations are scouted and booked. Crews are carefully chosen depending on the style and nature of the video.  Talent such as make-up artists and actors (if required) are sourced and booked.

Filming takes place, directed by Anushka.

  • Post-Production: Editing process begins and music, voice over and graphics are finalised.

Final video and social media versions are presented for sign off.

  • Most Importantly there are no hidden extras. They are a completely transparent team to with work and believe in creating high quality films that work for YOU. 

If an animation is preferred, as is common these days especially for explainer videos or those who are camera shy, the process is slightly different, please get in touch for more details.

It’s a seamless process which they have done many times and most of all, it’s fun!

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Merit Club members will receive a half price offer (£500*) on an Intro Video (2-3mins) & Social Media Video (1 min) Pre-production discussion, half day filming with their experienced crew (includes interview/piece to camera and B Roll), editing by their professional editors.

Merit Club members will also receive Free Quotes for Corporate & Social Media Videos, Explainer Videos & Event Filming.

* Prices are subject to VAT.

If you are not a Merit Club member yet, 
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