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with the merit club and the CRAZY BEAR CLUBHOUSE

Closing date: 1ST JULY 2019



Can you tell the difference between Prosecco and Champagne?  And do you know the difference between traditional and charmat methods? Dive into the fascinating world of fizz during an intimate Sparkling Wine Masterclass at The Crazy Bear Clubhouse, where you can learn about - and taste - the main production styles of sparkling wines and how they are made. The masterclass will cover some of the key styles of Champagne and Sparkling Wine around Europe and how they are made including:

  • Prosecco

  • Champagne

  • English Sparkling Wine

Now you have the chance to win a private Sparkling Wine Masterclass for you and up to 8 guests. 

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Competition closing date: 1st July 2019

Winner announced: 2nd July 2019.

Entry requirements

  1. Follow us on Instagram @themeritclub_official and @crazybeargroup

  2. Submit your email address below.

  • Entries must be submitted before midnight, 1st July 2019.

  • Entries accepted from the United Kingdom only

  • Prize cannot be passed on to someone else

  • Prize to be redeemed by 30th November 2019


Good to know

To enter the competition you need to submit your email address. You get one entry with your submission. However you can get extra entries, increasing your chance of winning by sharing this competition with your friends! The more points you have, the more entries you have under your belt. 

It is a weighted draw, so the more entries you have the higher the chance of you winning (but not necessarily the most entry wins)

Good luck!

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The Merit Club is an online membership club with a mission to bring together a network of amazing women who wish to discover, develop, empower others and be inspired themselves. We are your go-to place for discovering quality places to visit, finding inspiring speaker talks and networking opportunities, where women can connect and network outside of their usual circle.

Membership to the Merit Club is £12/month and provides an array of special perks and treats. It offers you an opportunity to enliven your schedules and elevate your lifestyle while connecting you to a striving community of women. You can choose to join either of the Lifestyle or Business memberships and also have the option to join both with the Joint plan. Every month we bring you new perks, events to network, introduce you to new brands, luxury members’ clubs, female experts and unique places in London, so that you can discover and broaden your horizon, while benefitting from little extra perks too.

We know you are busy, so just sit back, relax and get involved to whichever degree you wish.

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