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in collaboration with The Merit Club

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We are so excited to announce our partnership with the amazing team at VERVE, and wow is their energy infectious!

Setting out on a mission to “increase your Karma Footprint”, VERVE is an “international collective of badass feminists” that mean business. They support and encourage women everywhere. Whether it’s through informing and helping other women do the same, on issues of gender equality and human rights violations; VERVE makes it easy for everyone of us to be a participant in the feminist movement. They advocate that “Activism” shouldn’t be a scary word. Activism is varied and diverse and often has underlying universal themes of equality and respect. It also can and should be a whole lot of fun! As Alice Walker said, “Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet”, and so VERVE are there to be your way of paying the rent.

“Society benefits when there is dignity, liberty and equality for all... it’s a proven fact. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help our sisters everywhere achieve dignity, agency and a little more happiness. We believe it is our duty and our privilege to do so.”

To help everyone keep in the know about gender justice, making it easier for those of us with crazy-busy lives to get involved, VERVE hosts monthly Prosecco Think Tanks, an easy and relaxed occasion where women are free to speak their minds about current feminist issues. VERVE PTTs aim to bring more joy, purpose and passion to the gender equality movement.

VERVE’s is taking PTTs global this month to encourage women to come together within their communities to talk about what inspires them, what pisses them off and what they want to do about it and will be hosting their London event in collaboration with The Merit Club! They set out to host events in cities from Madrid through Dubai to all the way to New York and LA.

What to expect?

Once everyone’s been introduced, thirsts have been quenched and tummies topped up, the hostess will ‘officially’ start the conversation. This is usually in the form of a question like “When did you realize that you just might be a feminist?”“Which item(s) on the feminist ‘agenda’ are you most concerned with right now?”“Do you think you’re a ‘bad’ feminist?” and/or “What can we do about the causes we care about?”
It's a casual conversation where everyone is free to express themselves, make connections, and have fun at the same time!

VERVE is a not for profit organization. 

This is why we kindly suggest a small donation of € / $ / £5 from each PTT Global attendee. 50% of funds raised goes directly to their monthly focus charity and the rest towards keeping Prosecco Think Tanks going.

Can't attend but still want to donate?   Head over to their Just Giving Page

With places limited, we would recommend that Merit Club Members reserve their space early to avoid disappointment.

Event Date:  30th November 2017

Event Timings: from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: Private location, will be announced on the week of the event

Investment: £5 donation

To attend this event, member status is required.

Please note that not only Merit Club members will be attending this event

You can help grow and spread the word by following, liking and sharing VERVE posts on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and subscribing to their newsletter.