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In a Nutshell Produkt [pro-doo-ckt] combine pop-up dining with food anthropology. Having worked with the likes of the Royal Academy of Arts and the V&A, they are now zooming in on *an* ingredient as a powerful way to taste and ponder. Not always earnestly.

London is kaleidoscope of inspiring people and food spaces. But immersed within the overwhelming city, we sometimes lose track of who we are and what matters.
— Produkt

For each dinner they create a meal with that ingredient as its soul and invite those who's devoted their lives to making or writing about that food to give short talks.  They bring together food professionals, well known food figures and all of us with passion for food at a venue known for the brilliance of that ingredient. 

This event will be taking place at Gail's Bloosmbury, the trail-blaisers of artisanal bread in London, journeying across the world to discover dishes where bread is their sole.

Expect short talks interspersed throughout the meal from:

- Tom Molnar, the co-founder of Gail’s.
- Dan Lepard, who helped to set up Ottolenghi and St John's bakeries.
- Chris Young who leads the Real Bread.

Date: Thursday 1st February, 7.00pm - 10.30pm

Location: Gail's at Bloosmbury, WC1B - View on Map

Investment: £45.10

Please note, this event is not organised by The Merit Club

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