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Hosted by Raw Press

Are you looking for a new yoga experience in the heart of London? This Myofascial release workshop may be the perfect taster for you. 

In this two hour workshop, Lily will guide you through yin yoga postures and self-massage techniques to help relax tight calf muscles, loosen hamstrings, release tension in the back, deepen hip flexibility, and ultimately sooth both the body and mind. Great for runners, cyclers, yogis, and anyone who is feeling the January back-to-the-gym burn, this class looks like an ideal start to the New Year. 

As they promote, Fascia is a connective tissue that forms a 3 dimensional web across the entire body, from our heads to our toes. It affects every muscle, bone, blood vessel, nerve, and organ in us, and when it gets tight it can restrict movement and cause pain. Helping release this has numerous benefits and this class can serve as an ideal introduction to the practice. 

Dates: Tuesday 23rd January, 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Location: Raw Press, 32 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NE

Investment: £31.94

Please note, this event is not organised by The Merit Club

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