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  • 6th@Soho Hearst Magazines UK 33 Broadwick Street London, England, W1F 9EP United Kingdom (map)

Hosted by Hearst Magazines UK

Do you often feel tired, stressed, have trouble sleeping, or are too flat out for down time? 

Kick-start 2018 with Harper's Bazaar who are teaming up with Well Aware for a guided session on 'The Art of Self-Care: How to reclaim time for you.’ Delivered by Well Aware’s expert psychologist Suzy Reading, who specialises in wellbeing, stress management and the facilitation of healthy lifestyle change, this workshop promises to inspire you with time and energy efficient ways to unwind and lift your mood.

What to expect?


  • Journaling activities around forming a set of wellbeing goals, examining attitudes to self-care and identifying barrier to self-care. Opportunity for group discussion on perceived barriers.
  • Discussion on definition of self-care and why we need it, including an examination of stress and its effects on our wellbeing.
  • Introduction to the ‘Vitality Wheel’ framework and its origin. As a group, brainstorming what the 8 different segments of the wheel might be. 
  • Using the wheel, either independently or as a group, time to jot down ideas for activities for each segment, forming a ‘self-care toolkit’ to draw upon in times of need or when time allows.
  • Journaling – what 3 actions do you commit to taking, chance to revise goals.
  • Close – answering any questions and returning to initial perceived barriers to self-care.

Dates: Monday 22nd January

Workshop Schedule:  6.30pm - 8.30pm

Location: 6th@Soho, Hearst Magazines UK, 33 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DQ

Investment: £27.24

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