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The Lifestyle Connection is a series of three mini masterclasses and workshops that can be taken independently or as a whole. The series aims to give you the space to think about your life, your style, your career, your health and your happiness.

10am - 12 noon - Your Wheel of Life and Essential Wellness

Come to a better understanding of what aspects of your life works well and how to set life goals for the areas that need more attention. Learn about the power of essential oils as a natural therapy for everyday living.

This date is for you if:

  • you find that you spend a lot of your energy worrying about all thedifferent aspects of your life,

  • at times you are left feeling tired, confused or frustrated?

  • you want a user friendly tool to help focus your energies in a more productive and structured way,

  • you want to plan your life and become a more dynamic version of you through a change in mindset and

  • are seeking natural and organic ways to look after and enhance your health, nutrition and appearance without harming the environment or society.

This introduction workshop will produce a take-away document that will allow you to focus on the areas in your life that need more focus, It will also take you through the 10 essential oils that you can use to support your wellness and life goals. By the end of the session you would have learnt how to:

  • identify when you are at your best and which areas of your life require more attention

  • use your new learning to identify the action(s) you need to take to move you forward

  • visualise the new ‘future you’ and set realistic goals for the short, medium and long term

  • understood what essential oils are and the different grades and purities of them.

  • use essential oils effectively and learn why essential oils are so powerful.

  • essential oils can assist you all areas of your life.

Refreshments will be available. All ticket holders with receive a FREE bottle of Wild Orange essential oil, an uplifting oil that elevates your mood, reduces stress and anxiety whilst also cleansing and detoxifying the skin, hair and internal body system.

12.30 - 2.30pm- Career Planning and Dressing for Success

Whether you work in the city, are a full time mum, or an undergraduate student, this workshop is suitable for you irrelevant of your age, size and shape! Every successful organisation has a brand you instantly recognise them think: Apple, Tesco, Amazon or Costa Coffee. This session will explore the idea of ‘brand you’. Focusing on career planning and the importance to styling yourself in reaching your goals.

This date is for you if:

  • you want to explore and build brand you and understand how it can be used to enhance your career choices

  • you want to create a greater impact in the workplace as well as in your personal life

  • you look in your wardrobe and feel you have ‘nothing to wear.’

  • you feel your clothes are a little drab and feel you need a new look to make you feel and look fab.

  • you want to shop consciously, quickly and cost effectively.

  • you want tips on how to style yourself quickly using key wardrobe staples and statement pieces.

If you have answered yes to any of the above, well we’ve got you covered!

Using visualisation, coaching exercises and professional image consultancy advice, this session will allow you an opportunity to identify the right career and style for you. This introduction will also enhance your personal style and has all the perks of a full styling appointment in just a few fun sized hours.

So, what should you expect? By the end of the session you would have learnt how to:

  • explore your brand and develop an elevator pitch

  • identify your personal strengthens and improvement areas

  • identify the best possible career choices for you and set action(s) to achieve them.

  • learn to dress for your body shape, lifestyle and colouring

  • identify the key to building a capsule wardrobe with wardrobe staples

  • receive recommendations for the coming season

You will receive hands on and honest recommendations for this season and leave feeling confident having learnt how to style yourself and your brand. All this in as little as three hours. Refreshments will be available during the presentation which will be full of tips, tricks and trends to make you stand out in the crowd. If you want to be part of this fun, informational, and stylish event, make sure you book your place.

3pm - 5pm - Creating Happiness and the Wealth of Health

This workshop is for you if you want to reclaim your happiness now by exploring ways to gain and maintain a happier healthier you. If you are too tired or too stressed to fully enjoy your life you’re living. Are you waiting for something to happen that will bring a spring back to your step: a new relationship, job, car or even kitchen? Why wait! This interactive session will explore ways for you to reclaim your happiness now!

This workshop is for you if you:

  • lack energy and focus

  • feel like you are simply drifting through life

  • want to make the most of your days and skills

  • are interested in making new friends

  • want to lose, gain or maintain healthy weight

  • are not sure if exercise is for you or what programme to choose

  • want to improve your healthy eating habits in an easy way

By the end of the workshops you would have:

  • explored happiness theories

  • identified what personally makes you happy and how to harness the energy that brings

  • examined your happiness barriers and explored ways to overcome them in order to give yourself permission to live your full life.

  • explored the components of a healthy lifestyle and how you can implement them into your everyday with minimal effort

  • identified exercise options and how you can implement them into your life

  • explored the importance of a healthy diet and how you can fit healthy eating into your busy life

Refreshments will be available during the presentation which will be full of tips, tricks and treats so you leave energised and full of ideas for a whole new healthy lifestyle to create happiness and good health habits. All attendees will be given access to nutrition and fitness support following the event. If you want to be part of this fun and informational event, make sure you book your place.

Date: Saturday 13th October, 10am - 5pm

Location: Secret location to be confirmed in London

Investment: £38.32 (Earlybird) £49.20 (Standard) £97.61 (Early Bird 3 for 2)

Please note, this event is not organised by The Merit Club

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