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  • Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD (map)

by John Dawson


If you are seeking ways to improve your public speaking skills this may be the workshop for you, promising to endow you with ways to connect to an audience without being overwhelmed by fears, to improve your personal and professional communication skills, and to put into practice what they call the 'New fundamentals' - the new thinking and new skills we need to make public speaking a lot easier for ourselves. 

Open to everyone, the course offers a short introduction to re-thinking public speaking, and allows you to develop new skills that will make public speaking a lot easier for you, with ways to be more at ease when speaking in public or in small groups and an insight into how to be more self-confident and how to get attention without needing to 'perform'. 

It's a course that has been run for the last 16 years, and with an intimate group size of between 6-10 people, the workshop ensures that you get the individual attention that you need. The course caters for a huge variety of people, from people who are scared of public speaking, people who have lost their confidence, beginners and performing-shy people, to people who want to be more authentic when they speak, brides, grooms, father's of the bride... and for people who simply want to improve their skills. 

What to expect?

The day will be divided into small sections:

  • Setting up the day - John will explain how you are going to work together and how to make it as safe as possible to explore public speaking, ensuring that the day is set up with care and trust is built up between the group. 
  • Exploring questions about what happens when we speak publicly - and what gets in the way? John emphasises the need to understand how our thinking gets in the way. And stresses just how good it is to see that you are not alone with what you think about public speaking, and why evolution may play a bigger part in our fears than you realise!
  • Outlining the new fundamentals - a big part of the day is exploring and practising the new thinking / skills needed to be more at ease when we are the centre of attention. These skills are explored in small steps throughout the day, as John will guide you in building confidence through experiential exercises - small steps with reflection and re-thinking - before allowing you the time to put your public speaking into practise. 

People come from all walks of life and John provides a full list of previous attendees' professions who have attended on his website: FAQs.  You are welcome to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in for the day, and be rest assured that people have previously come in suits, smart casual and relaxed clothes, so whatever works best for you.

Date: 26 October 2017

Workshop Schedule:  Starts at 9:30 am

Course numbers:  6 people min - 10 people max

Location: Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD

Investment: £195 + vat (£234)

For further information or to book email us or ring John or Rebecca on 01225 425300

Please note, this event is not organised by The Merit Club

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