Rose & Mary

by Leonoor Vader


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Rose & Mary is a florist studio specialising in wedding and event flowers with an interlay bespoke service led by the client. They advise on the seasonality of flowers taking into account your budget, colour scheme and personal favourites. Their style is classic and seasonal, not too neat, soft and beautifully romantic. 


I trained as a sculptor. I came to London from Holland in 1997 to do a MfA at the Slade school of Fine art in London. 

I always worked part time as a florist to pay for my education and to make ends meet, but as soon as my kids were born I dropped the art and focused more on being a florist.

I worked at a very high end florist in Chelsea and was so tired of working for somebody else, and to juggle work/life balance, that I started my own company as soon as my twins started primary school. 

What to expect

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Leonoor and her team provide fresh, seasonal flowers, just the way the clients want them.  Don’t worry what the latest trend on Pinterest tells you what flowers to have, or this and that celebrity, YOU as the client are in charge! We take your hand and lead you to making that special occasion as memorable as it can be. We appreciate that choosing wedding or event flowers isn’t something you do every day, therefore you can just step back and relax, we have it all covered for you - we are happy to advise and guide you through all the things you might need (flower wise that is).

It’s  so important to let your personality shine through the accessories you choose for your special day. Everybody has a favourite flower and everyone is different and we love the diversity that our clients bring. No wedding, event or funeral is ever the same and that’s the way we love it!


Location: Richmond upon Thames

Investment: We don’t offer discounts but always price fairly and according to your wishes. 

Contact details: 07958293130 or