Are you interested in invigorating your weeknights with new experiences? Are you looking to step outside of your routines and start investing in yourself? Is it time to reach beyond your normal schedules and nourish your curiosity? 

The Merit Club is a membership club with a mission to create an exclusive community for women. Here, we strive to make the unattainable accessible to our members, the unknown familiar, and create an environment in which you can truly connect to the best possible version of yourself.

Signing up is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement to new ideas, spheres, and activities. With our round-the-clock work diaries and hectic social calendars, it's often difficult to invest any time in ourselves and discover new things, even if they're right at our fingertips or just on our doorstep. That's why a Merit Club membership will enlighten you to exciting new experiences that are going on around you, with unique and inspiring things to do, listen to, or read about, that will all add a little sparkle to your week-days. 

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In our membership community we want to harness a sense of togetherness as well as strengthening ourselves as individuals. A membership not only gives access to our regular exclusive members events, whereby you can connect with your fellow members, it also gives you a unique opportunity to try out some of London's most exclusive private members clubs. Use your Merit Club membership to take a look inside these exclusive venues and enjoy the delights they have to offer, and the connections that they can bring, on us.