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If you love our concept as much as we do and get excited with us about what the future might hold for us, then we would love you to utilise this! The bigger our community is the more we are able to do for you, for our members and this would be a huge step towards connecting us women better with each other in the world! Wouldn’t it be so great to create a global network where women can connect with like minded women and never feel alone again? Where they get to explore quality things to do and create a healthier work-life balance because their evenings become exciting again?

We need to tell more women about us! And this is where we need you!


Bringing our members new and exciting things every month is our passion and we would love you to take some of this passion with you and infuse it in the stories you tell your friends and the people you meet!

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It couldn’t be easier, but if you are stuck with ideas on how, here are a few from us that might help you:

  • add your link to your social media bio

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  • bring your friends to our events

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It is so simple, but if you have any questions, you can email us at and we will happily get back to you within 24 hours.



Monthly Membership

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Joint Membership


50% of the 1st invoice

One off commission

Yearly Membership

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Joint Membership


10% of the 1st invoice

One off commission


Reminder of our Membership prices


£12 /mo
£120 /year


£12 /mo
£120 /year

Joint Plan

£20 /mo
£200 /year



We do a number of exciting things - as you know - so there are plenty of things you can highlight to your friends. Some of these might be:

  • access to private members clubs

  • exclusive invitations

  • plenty of networking opportunities

  • Merit Club events in a variety of topics

  • member perks, interesting things every month

  • the community

  • it is a super cool women’s only club!



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Please note the automated message will only mention the 10% commission, however rest assured you will receive 50% when conditions met.