We provide access to carefully curated events, offering our members opportunities to learn, to have fun, and to connect. Our varied schedule, including music nights, fitness pop-ups, workshops, interviews, and master classes, provide safe spaces for members to meet like-minded women and expand their social circle beyond the work place and the home.

Every one of our events is unique.

With themes spanning different industries, from the arts to the workplace, from wellbeing to sexuality, our members can choose where they want to invest their time.

Our Promise?

To ensure that through each event you can explore exciting new places in your city, broaden your horizons, and make invaluable connections. We promise to offer experiences of the highest quality and to bring a sparkle to your weekdays. Your social life does not have to be reserved just for the weekend. It's time to do something valuable with your mid-week diaries!

We want to create a platform for a network of like-minded women who wish to discover, develop, empower others, and be inspired themselves.

The Merit Club is committed to bringing people from different backgrounds, industries & age groups closer together. It’s not about fitting or unfitting stereotypes, it’s not about intelligence, grades, social standing, age or experience, the clothes you wear or the labels in your wardrobe. With us, you can feel confident in coming to our events alone should you not wish to bring a guest. In our community, everyone is encouraged to build lasting relationships with fellow members, to discover, develop, empower others and be inspired themselves. 

We are all influencers, so let’s help each other and have some fun at the same time.

Events are reserved for members only

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Events are hosted in hand-picked venues across London to compliment the various topics of our events, in opulent boutique hotels, bright studio spaces and quirky hidden rooms around the city. 

We are committed to providing an engaging evening of fun. And rest assured, we will never compromise on style.

The Merit Club events

Here is just a taster of the numerous events that The Merit Club is bringing exclusively to its members. With our various speakers, all hand picked by The Merit Club, we promise to bring you engaging evenings of fun. We ensure that through each event you will be endowed with new skills and ideas, both practical and abstract… be these tips for the boardroom or the bedroom! 

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Life Drawing with Rebecca Ivatts


This themed workshop will bring together a sensory combination of some of Spain's most renowned delights, pairing informative discussion of famous Spanish art and life drawing with the most delicious Spanish wines, tapas and music. 


by Stewart McGill

5 November

Join us with the British Combat Association's Senior Instructor and Chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga, Stewart McGill, to equip yourself with the skills and confidence to defend yourself against the most common attacks you may face. Hopefully you will never need to use the teachings of Urban Krav Maga, but why wait to find out. 


in partnership with London Essence


In partnership with London Essence and Ecoworld Ballymore we invite you to an exclusive cocktail making masterclass at the botanically inspired Wardian London Design Cube, Canary Wharf. London Essence is a mixers company that specialises in using distilled elements, as well as alternative sweetening agents.


The Merit Club is here to do all the thinking for you. We have hand-picked events taking place across London that have been curated by individuals, industry experts and innovators. These are events that we know and love, and are confident that you'll enjoy too! 

Please note, these events are not organised by The Merit Club


by Jean Pierre


Jean-Pierre works with people who want to maximise their potential, providing them with the strategies to build and maintain a peak performance body and mind.


with Lisa Akesson

11-12 November

A two day workshop for exploring how to navigate the work place with clear strategies and tips to get your needs met in tandem with those you are in conflict with. Lisa Akesson's guidance will help you learn how to build more powerful relationships, and at the same time gain insight into enhancing your emotional well-being and performance at work. 


by Rebecca Watson


Aimed at busy people who want to take some 'Me Time' and benefit from life-enhancing coaching, Rebecca Watson's Urban Retreats are an opportunity to collaborate in a new way of thinking.