Biscuiteers new kid on the block luxe biscuit tin

Biscuiteers new kid on the block luxe biscuit tin


It's hungry work being a new parent, so that's why Biscuiteers have created this gorgeous collection! The tin is packed full of everything they'll need to get through the first few weeks: rattle, pram, and of course – the all important teddy bear. 

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Their biscuits are their own unique recipe, based upon traditional twice baked English style biscuits. Its texture is somewhere between the snap of a gingerbread and the crumble of a shortbread. Their vanilla bake uses delicious Madagascan vanilla to give a warm, sweet taste. 

As all their biscuits are handmade, there may be some small variations in colour and design in each tin. We think this adds to their charm – we hope you agree!

What does this gift include?

- 15 hand-iced biscuits
- Presented in their famous square-edged keepsake tin
- Chance to add a FREE message card at checkout
- Securely packaged to keep them safe in the post. Will require signature upon delivery