Every month we surprise our members with a brand new selection of perks, invitations to some of the greatest events in the city and access to some of the most exclusive venues.

Our club is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement to new ideas, spheres, and activities. With our round-the-clock work diaries and hectic social calendars, it's often difficult to invest any time in ourselves and discover new things. That's why a Merit Club membership will open doors to exciting new and often exclusive experiences that are going on around you, with unique and inspiring things to do that will all add a little sparkle to your days. 

With The Merit Club membership you have the opportunity to access some of London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs, health clubs and events. We also pride ourselves in supporting female led businesses by providing a platform for their amazing initiatives!

Below is a teaser for you from our current selection for this month.

Browse away and let us know what you think!



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