About us

We created The Merit Club, an online members' club with a mission to create an exclusive community for women and we want you to be part of it! Here, we strive to make the unattainable accessible to you, the unknown familiar, and create an environment which is truly about You, your personal discovery and development. We want to introduce you to new concepts and ideas to help you broaden your horizon and shift your day to day focus away from your routine stepping-stones.


Ladders, Stepping Stones and Our Journey So Far ... 

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So often women in today's society feel under pressure to be super-human. It's a juggling act. Excel at work, keep fit, make time to meet family and friends, discover new places, do different things, keep on top of everything; all the time trying not to become boring. Then, on top of this, we all know deep-down that we also need a little time for ourselves. It's impossible, and something always needs to give.

What if there could be a community that accepts all of this, the pitfalls and craziness of our modern-day lives, and looks the other way? 

Here at The Merit Club, we believe in channeling a different mindset and changing direction. Our attention is not solely on career ladders, jumping with tunnel vision through endless hurdles. We wish to shift our day-to-day focus away from these routine stepping stones and towards sources of personal discovery and development, where your time outside of work is as important! We want to add sparkle to our week-days, with ways to reach beyond our working diaries that are solely for us, our personal development, and our curiosity.


Time has become one of the most valued currency in today's society and we understand how precious your time is, so we know that what you invest it in really has to be worth it. That's why we don't compromise on quality. Every experience we recommend to you and every event we bring to you has passed our quality checklist to ensure you add value to your free time and never feel like you wasted it.

The problem we see is that our careers and social lives are generally so consuming, that people rarely have the energy to expand beyond routine. That's why we have decided to create a platform that makes it easy for anyone to see what is going on around them with minimal effort invested.

Finding interesting events and expanding your network shouldn't simply be about who you work for, and what industry you are in, what career you have, and how much money you may be earning. 

We want to invigorate week-nights and make the process accessible and easy. 

Signing up to The Merit Club is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement to new spheres, topics and activities.  


We want to create a community where people can recharge. So often, keeping connected to the world around us drains our batteries, both physically and emotionally. We want to flip the switch and create a platform where people feel their wellbeing is being energised, a place where people can boost their intellectual levels, and stay connected to the world around us.

This is an environment where people can restore their confidence, revive, recover and refresh their brain-space and sense of self, out-and-out strengthening themselves as a person in a sphere that is separate from their work.

Dilemmas and problems are sprung upon us everyday. Let's face it, life can be unpredictable and downright difficult at times! We hope that The Merit Club, through our events and our online platforms, might just give you some answers to your problems, big or small, or at least widen your outlook and provide you with new directions to pursue. 

Signing up is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement to new ideas, spheres, and activities. With our round-the-clock work diaries and hectic social calendars, it's often difficult to invest any time in ourselves and discover new things, even if they're right at our fingertips or just on our doorstep. That's why a Merit Club membership will enlighten you to exciting new experiences that are going on around you, with unique and inspiring things to do, listen to, or read about, that will all add a little sparkle to your week-days. 

A Merit Club membership also gives you a unique opportunity to try out some of London's most exclusive private members clubs, spas and experiences. Our partnerships are growing month on month and we are so excited to share some special surprises with you! Little perks brighten up your day, and trust that a Merit Club membership will bring you plenty! 


Our Partners




In line with our mission to create a stronger community between female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners who are looking to expand their exposure and opportunities, we want to support your talent. So to cater to our growing community, we are offering you the opportunity to feature your events, products, services or side-hustles.


Join our Community!

In this space, we can provide an audience for your initiative and by allowing members to try your service or brand at a discounted price or for free, we can create an exchange of favours, an exchange of expertise and an exchange of opportunity.

Additional to this, if you would like to organise a get-together with your fellow members, the Merit Club is here to post and promote your initiative. Maybe it’s literature that you are passionate about and you would like to start a book club, or you choose to launch a discussion forum, we are here to provide an audience for your initiative