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#MeToo in the Age of Trump: Is Women's Liberation Progressing?

  • Red Lion Square England, WC1R 4RE United Kingdom (map)

HOSTED BY Conway Hall

New Statesman event on the week of International Women's Day

In the era of #MeToo and Trump, is women’s liberation progressing or regressing?

What to expect?

Arguably, now more than ever, awareness of everyday sexism, generalised misogyny, rape culture, and sexual assault has reached an all-time high. The #MeToo movement has sparked a new wave of feminist activism as the gender pay gap, toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes are held up to increasing scrutiny.

But the White House is now home to a man who admitted and joked about sexual assault prior to being elected, in perhaps the most obvious symptom of a global backlash against social liberalism. Representation of women in the higher echelons of politics, business, the media and the arts is still stubbornly low, whilst the pay gap remains stubbornly high, and Britain’s foremost centre-left Party is yet to elect a woman to the top job.

In the era of #MeToo and Trump, is women’s liberation progressing or regressing? Join to discuss all this and more.

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