Weekly Self Care Tips from Sarah

We are SO happy to let you know that we’re dedicating every Friday to self care - and we want you to join us!

We know how busy everyone can be, so we want to give you that little reminder to take some time for YOU.

We’ll be sharing with you our personal recommendations and intentions every Friday in our Library to help give you the inspiration you might need to take some time out, give yourself some love and appreciation. Each member of The Merit Club Team will give you their personal view on self care, some of our favourite things and personal intention for the week ahead. You’ll hear from our Founder Krisztina, our Head of Marketing Sarah and our Content Editor Lottie. Learn more about us here!

Take a look at our first recommendations below!




I hope my self-care favourites give you some inspiration to take some time out of your week to indulge yourself, take a break and do what makes you happy - even just for twenty minutes!

These little recommendations of mine really help me to feel happy, unwind after a long and busy day and give me that little ‘boost’ I sometimes need.

Enjoy! x


“Wearing fluffy slippers round the house when it’s cold”

I absolutely love these gorgeously soft, fluffy slippers. They instantly give me a little mood-boost when I pop them on each morning and every night when I get home and they feel sooo luxurious.  


Faux Fur white slider slippers


Image: Drake & Morgan, Devonshire Terrace


“Taking some time out in a hot bubble bath with my current read”

There’s nothing better than lighting some candles and soaking in the bath whilst getting absolutely lost in a good book. It gives me time to completely switch off and immerse myself in someone else’s story for a while. I’m reading ‘Backlash’ by Lynda LaPlante which is a great thriller and crime fiction novel that I can’t put down!

Lynda LaPlante - Backlash

Image: Hawksmoor


“Having a cuddle with my cat”

Sometimes it really is the simple things that make me happy - just a 10 to 20 minute chill out with one of my cats gives me enough of that warm, fuzzy feeling. Plus, It’s scientifically proven that spending some time stroking an animal reduces stress and anxiety!

If you don’t have a furry friend to snuggle up to, why not head to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium to have a cup of tea and a cuddle!

Image: Chiltern Firehouse


“Going out for a delicious meal with my husband”

I have a rule when dining out - choose something that you can’t cook at home with much success! It always tastes better when you know what effort and care has gone into a meal. That’s why I love to go to Bread Street Kitchen - their food is amazing!

Bread Street Kitchen

Image: Library Club


“Using a luxurious hand care range”

I love going somewhere and finding that they have a beautifully scented soap and hand care in their bathrooms. I came across this brand whilst in a London Members Club and it’s absolutely to die for. It’s so luxurious and the scents are amazing. My favourites are Golden Harvest and Whiskey and Water - both now feature in my bathrooms at home!

Whiskey and Water Hand Lotion

Golden Harvest Hand Wash

Image: Balham Bowls Club

We hope you enjoy our recommendations!

We'd love to find out how you give yourself a little self-care.

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