Let's Discuss: Female Empowerment

It’s here: it’s past, present, future, we’ve signed up, and everyone wants to be a part of it, women and men cohesively. It’s words, it’s actions. It’s a voice, it’s a feeling, it’s a movement.

There’s no denying that the weight of those words are being rooted firmer and firmer into the foundations of our society every day.  Whatever generation and phase in life you are embracing - student, employee, boss, explorer, child, parent, grand-parent - we each command freedoms, be it consciously or unconsciously.

But day-to-day it can be easy to feel detached from “female empowerment” as a united “movement”. We may have a Beyonce moment now and again. We’ll share facebook posts. We’ll ditch our razors. We’ll venture out on a Friday night and dance till dawn. We’ll stand up for our rights. #Girlpower, #girlboss, they have each been added as hashtags over 6 million times on instagram alone.

But how can we harness this sense of empowerment and turn the abstract into a real sense of togetherness in our everyday lives? We want to introduce you to our concept and invite you to join us in the here-and-now. Our aim? To promote personal discovery, collective empowerment and a modern sense of “merit” in an exclusive community for ambitious women. We want to harness the abstract sense of “female empowerment” and connect to it in a tangible way, to find out how it impacts realistically upon us, and bring it into the personal realities of our day-to-day lives.

To start at our core, let us think about one of our favourite words: “merit”.  Turning to our trusty google, “merit” is defined as “the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward”.  Today’s society may attach “merit” to many things. Should “merit” be judged on your number of Instagram followers? Sure, of course it can be. The number of likes on your #selfie? Maybe. But we have been thinking about this word “merit” (a fair bit, in fact!) and we want to ask, why are we restricting our perceptions of “merit” and our praise-worthy qualities to what society prescribes, with its fast forms of day-to-day instant gratification?

To explore the significance of “merit” from a different perspective, we can turn to the dynamic world of fashion. We buy into fast fashion and who can blame us. Who can resist a trend?

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Living fast. We all have hectic lives and there’s not much time for thinking about number one and taking time for yourself.

At The Merit Club, our aim is to shift attention from solely external beauty to internal values. We also believe in investment, time and exploring long term solutions and ideas for happiness and satisfaction. We want to help people find those investment pieces and to build their confidence in whatever form that takes. Those statement items. Knowledge. Confidence. Power. Woven layers that we can collect, cherish, discard, revive and bring out again and again. We believe everyone should feel “particularly good or worthy”, every day, and see the sense of our own “merit” as a confidence that comes from knowledge, a mindset, and skills. It is these merits that will empower us in our day-to-day lives.

We are committed to bringing people from different backgrounds, industries and age groups closer together. It’s not about fitting or unfitting stereotypes, it’s not about intelligence, grades, social standing, age or experience, the clothes you wear or the labels in your wardrobe. In both the physical space of our events and the abstract space of our online platforms, we will create safe spaces for our members to explore their inner sense of merit, for themselves and in their own way. We want to bring together a network of like-minded women who wish to discover, develop, empower others and be inspired themselves. Our promise? To ensure that through each event you can explore exciting new places in your city, broaden your horizons, and make invaluable connections. To pledge that Merit Club membership will open your eyes to new ideas, and give you a tangible, knowledgeable, and confident connection to that all-important movement: female empowerment.  

We are all influencers, so it’s time to help each other and have some fun at the same time!

Words by Lottie Franklin


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