What we learnt from our Nutrition, Diet & How to Feel Better event

We held our very first Lifestyle event around nutrition & diet exploring the new health crazes and discussing ways we can implement them with the lead of our wonderful speaker Jo, and discussed everything from evolution to carbs making us crazy!

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition….


We choose Albert’s private members club, a wonderful venue for our event located in the heart of Chelsea. Albert’s has been our partner club since the beginning of the year, a beautiful club which extends over three floors. We were centred on the second floor in their private room overlooking King’s road and excitedly waited for members to arrive, so we could all have a much deserved glass of bubbly at the end of our busy days!

Nutrition seems to be something we are all so curious about, we all spoke about diets we have tried, trends that are circulating and our guilty habits! Easter did not help with the amount of chocolate we still have lurking about…

We took our seats at 7pm and Jo (who is a AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and knows a tonne about this topic) started the talk by taking us right back to the eating habits of cavemen and how things started to go wrong once humans started farming… This all filtered down to hunter-gatherers, for example, who ate a wide variety of food, once we started farming we were limited to a smaller food group, most of these staple foods did not have the nutrients essential for a healthy life and were also vulnerable to disease and drought. Eeek!

Jo explained this to show that we need a varied and balanced diet and how the Ketogenic Diet goes right back to basics and mirrors how we used to eat. The Ketogenic Diet means high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carbohydrate!

There is an addictive quality in carbs

We couldn’t agree more Jo! Jo explained to us how carbs are turned into sugar in our bodies and this mixed with an unbalanced diet can leave us feeling tired, sluggish and irritable. Being more mindful of what we eat and why our bodies need certain foods will leave us working better, sleeping better and feeling better!


Three Top tips from Jo;

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar drizzled on a salad helps your body absorb more nutrients

  2. Extra Veggies! Instead of adding carbs to a meal, add in a few extra vegetables you never usually buy

  3. Everything in moderation!


Our event ended with a lot of positive discussions and chats. We were all inspired to try new dishes and experiment with food to learn what works for us and what doesn’t! We left with the knowledge that it is not about ‘dieting’ but how food has such an important impact on our physical and mental health and how it is imperative on becoming the best versions of ourselves!

 This has been so insightful, understanding food groups and how our body needs healthy fats! Fats are good, sugar is bad! My fridge is going to be given a makeover once I get home!
— Merit Club member

Thank you to everyone who came, we are really looking forward to seeing you all again soon and are looking forward to welcoming all the new faces too.