Coworking & Imposter Syndrome - What we took away

When we put ourselves out there, we often get faced with something called the Imposter Syndrome. A lack of self-confidence, anxiety, doubts about your thoughts, abilities, achievements and accomplishments, negative self-talk, feelings of inadequacy, dwelling on past mistakes and not feeling good enough — these are all signs and symptoms of imposter syndrome.⠀

About the day


With coach and trainer Neelam's insight, our talk at the Royal Lancaster yesterday, has taught us so much. After discussing why and how we can let imposter syndrome creep into our lives, we then focused on how to banish these feelings. Main insights we discussed were how we let these feelings in; understanding the importance of not comparing ourselves to other, especially in our social world, (much easier said than done we all agreed) working on self validation and creating our own brag list!

Our members left the talk feeling a lot more productive and positive, talking about these tips and how applying them to their day to day routine is going to make a huge difference.

"This topic is so important, we have all experienced these feelings, if it's often these feelings set in or if its just in certain tasks - the practical tips I learnt today I will  implement into my daily routine.”

Another member said "It applies to so many of us, it is so helpful to get these extra tips to help and to know you're not alone with these feelings!"

Our event ended with a lot of positive discussions. We were all clear on when we were letting imposter syndrome in and how to tackle and prevent it in the future! Our conversation filtered into our co-working space, a very productive day indeed!

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Stressed In The City

We would like to say a huge thank you to Neelam for her fantastic talk, all Neelams information is located below.

Twitter - Neelam_coach Stressed In The City

Linked in - Neelam Kaul

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Thank you to everyone who came, we are really looking forward to seeing you all again soon and are looking forward to welcoming all the new faces.


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