Rethinking Periods: Products Tackling The Taboo

*Warning* this contains straight-up period-talk 

So periods are inconvenient and uncomfortable. Fact. Some days it's easy-breezy and you'll be pain free, your flow will be fine, your tampons fit just right and you don't over-think it.

Other days, you'll wear a pad that comes unstuck and moves around, meaning you leak into yet another pair of knickers. You'll wear a tampon that insists on nudging its way back out again, leaving you uncomfortable. Or maybe your moon-cup decides to dislodge and your emergency supply of wet wipes are in your other bag, great. You reach the end of your period with a 'hoorah' (or so you think) only to kick yourself when that last bit of blood takes you by surprise and you wave goodbye to that lovely new pair of panties - ANNOYING.

BUT Have you heard of THINX?  



Period-proof underwear that works

We were amazed when we heard about it so we couldn't wait to tell you about our find!

They have a very clever 4-layer technology, which includes an anti-microbial lining for getting rid of any smells and bacteria and a super-absorbent layer for holding up to 2 regular tampons' worth of blood and a leak-resistant barrier! How amazing! Depending on your flow, you can either replace your go-to products completely and wear these pants as a replacement, or you can wear them as a safety-net, a back-up for any leaks. We have tested them and can say that they are absolutely perfect for those days where you're just about to start or are soon to finish, and great for wearing overnight. Ideal for if you're working out and need flexibility to move. Or, a really helpful option for when you're on the heaviest day in your cycle and you need that extra protection.

There's not just one hideously ugly style on sale either that's destined to stay at the back of your undies-drawer forever - they actually look quite sporty. Okay, they're not mega sexy. But they're simple and inoffensive. And let's face it, these are the days when you want ultimate comfort, not fuss and lace. From thongs to high-waisted shorts, and clever leotards and leggings too, there's a whole range on sale. They're about £25 - £30 - not bad considering you can wash and use them hygienically again, unlike the traditional overly-taxed products we have to buy month on month.

Could this be the end of dreaded leaks and un-comfort? THINX, thank you! 

Watch this space for more Merit Club pieces on useful products and insights on how to make our lives stress-free and how to tackle taboos surrounding the female body, sexuality, and intimacy.