Talkspace: Rethinking Therapy and Conversation

Seeking out ways to become more mindful and practicing meditation can be incredibly therapeutic for some people; sometimes an app may be all we need to get us on that right track... better still a Merit Club meditation class with an expert such as Simon! However, for some people, this just isn't quite enough to build up the necessary strength to conquer worries, stresses, and anxieties. Yet, seeking professional help can often seem daunting, let alone expensive. We wanted to discover whether there was a middle ground. What are your options for seeking help if therapy isn't the option for you? Is there a space you can use that is accessible and not intimidating? This is where we discovered Talkspace

What is Talkspace? - you ask. We think it's a revolutionary idea!

It offers a quick, accessible and professional way to seek help for feelings of depression, anxiety and stress about the pressures of modern day life. It's online therapy, with access to a host of licensed therapists, who won't judge you and will be there to talk through whatever you may be facing, at times that actually work for you. As Talkspace makes clear, "they have the ability to understand what you are going through and to help you make positive change in your life."  Rather than sitting in a traditional therapy office, with Talkspace, guidance and help is right at your fingertips. How often do we feel that maybe professional help is what we need, but so commonly nowadays it can be difficult to make appointments, with long waiting lists and expensive charges. Therapy can seem intimidating and a big decision to make. What if therapy isn't for you? What if you just need to check in with someone who will understand how you're feeling and have professional advice that is actually going to help you get through the struggles you're facing.

What we love about Talkspace is that, you can send your allocated therapist a message whenever you need and you can trust that all of your conversations will be kept safe and confidential. It's reliable and personal, but accessible. No doubt, this may not be the right option for everyone. Indeed, if you find you are in a situation that is more life threatening and you need help immediately, please don't use this site and turn to resources such as these.  However, if you are looking for some advice and a new direction to turn, Talkspace is a site to look to.

Looking beyond this, there is no doubt that the space for talking about our mental health has begun to open up. What was previously regarded with taboo, a guarded topic for the reserve of therapists' offices, has become more acceptable to talk openly about. It's gained media attention and is building momentum. As far as we're concerned, it should be actively encouraged as much as possible. Awareness for our mental health, and ways to deal with any hurdles we may face, big or small, has got to be shared as much as possible. This 'space' for conversation needs to expand as much as it can. No one should ever feel alone. No one should ever feel they can't speak out about how they are feeling. Creating more space to talk is key. And therapy, in whatever form it may take, should never be stigmatised; be it in an office, or online. 

We encourage discussions on our platforms, because we know that the issues we are facing, a hundred other reader of this post is feeling. So share your thoughts in the comments section (even if you are the first one) and let us know what you think is needed remove the stigma around mental health issues. 



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