5 Ways to Up Your Fitness This Autumn


We find 5 ways to get fit in the city & shake up your workout routine. 

With our busy schedules, we often forget how important it is to keep ourselves in good shape, to spend time looking after our body, so it can continue to support us. 
However signing up to gyms or a series of classes can sometimes seem like too much of a commitment. We might do a class a couple of times and decide it’s not for us. That’s why we thought we would round up some of our favourite fitness options for those of us who are a little bit more indecisive, or who may just be starting out and want a taster, find their feet and trial out some studios.

  1. ClassPass - “Fitness that Fits Your Life”

ClassPass is by far our favourite! It's an excellent solution for trying out a huge variety of classes. From Yoga, Barre, Pilates to Boxing, HIIT Training and Spinning, you can pick and choose depending on your mood! You can book in advance and plan your schedule, or book on the day depending on spaces. You’re not restricted by studios either, with the option to pick classes based on which area of the city is most convenient for you day-by-day.

If you’re looking for a bit of comfort pre- and post- workout, our favourite studios so far have to be 1Rebel, Ten Health & Fitness, and Groove Cycle, all of which have top facilities to rejuvenate you and help you prep for the rest of your day. Lux beauty products, hair-dryers, straighteners and even a blow-dry bar at 1Rebel, are all little perks we can get along with as a reward for the kick-ass workouts!

Check them out here

2) TruBe - “Every Body Is Different”

TruBe is the perfect app for bringing fitness to you. A step-up in price from ClassPass, but a pinch of the price for your average London personal trainer, TruBe allows you to book a personal trainer who can come directly to you and fit in with your schedule. Their range of signature work-out styles - Personal Training, Yoga, Boxing / Kickboxing, Ballet Fit, and Pilates - offers a good mix of options. With over 300 highly-qualified trainers in London, all of whom are rated and ranked, you can favourite your preferred trainers and, as long as they are available at your desired time, you can decide who to train with before you book your session. They will tailor classes especially for you, bringing all the equipment you need, whether at home, in the office or at the park. Isn't that great?! A one-off pay-as-you-go session will set you back £50.00, but if you can commit to a TruBe plan you can choose between various monthly plans. And, if your social calendars aren’t busy enough already, you can team up with friends who can join in on your session and share the load! It’s personal training for the modern woman, with the flexibility for you to try new things and work out what is best for you session by session.

Check them out here

3) The Body Coach - “The UK’s number one online tailored fat loss plan”

Mr. Energetic, Enthusiastic, (and downright gorgeous!), we’re just a little bit in love with Joe Wicks, founder of The Body Coach and social media fitness guru. With 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone, Joe Wicks’s #LeanIn15 craze is growing in popularity, and it’s no surprise his infectious personality is building such a loyal fan base.

After signing up to this online fitness and diet regime you will need some self-motivation to stick to the plans and see the results, but you are guided every step of the way and are joining a community of others - all committed, with “real people, real results in real time”. The Body Coach’s “SSS” Shift, Shape and Sustain 90 day plan claims to “transform your body and the way you see nutrition forever”, which offers a “lifestyle change that will educate you on how to exercise smarter and fuel your body to burn fat and build the body you’ve always wanted.” With the option of a one-off payment for £147.00 or 3 months of £49.00 installments, you can’t sign up half-heartedly. This is a personal fitness journey which only you can make materialise, but there’s no denying that Wicks’s special formula boasts success story after success.

So how does it work? Each month you will be recommend a new exercise structure, which can be done either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. With three different cycles, you are guided through various HIIT workouts, adding in resistance and weights as you progress through the course. These workouts only have to be 25 minutes, alternating high-intensity bursts with time to recover. At the same time as the workouts, the Body Coach package presents you with over 100 recipes to follow alongside the exercise plan. And no, these are not just salads and calorie counting mini portions, but wholesome meals that are sustainable and positively delish!

For a little taster, why not check out The Body Coach’s Instagram

With pics, stories and 15-second videos of work-out clips and tasty recipes, it’s addictive viewing at its yummiest.

4) MindBody - “Book Your Best Day. Every Day.”

MindBody is the app for you if you are looking for a platform that opens up a whole range of experiences in fitness, wellness and beauty, showcasing the best deals that are closeby to you in a simple format. MindBody provides a simple way to discover new studios and salons, offering affordability, with its introductory deals, and flexibility, with options to either plan ahead and schedule your workouts or to book last-minute classes and appointments.

With an “Explore” section divided into Fitness (Yoga, Group, Barre, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, CrossFit, Personal Training, Bootcamp, MMA) Wellness (Massage, Meditation, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Physical Therapy) and Beauty (Salon, Skin, Nails, Spa, Sauna), MindBody provides a platform for a huge variety of businesses, and is not confined to fitness alone. It’s really simple to search what it is on offer nearby to you and it is easy to view your schedule and favourite your top picks. Rather than wasting time blindly googling all of the different studios around you, the app collates all of them together, with their latest deals and class options. From the app you can easily view the classes and times they have on offer, and you can buy the packages there and then.

The app is free to download and so it is up to you to filter through the different offers and sales. Be these for a drop in class, a series of 10 or unlimited passes for a month - you can pick your level of commitment as you go and you are not tied into month upon month of expensive packages that you can’t get out of. Try one studio for a month, and another the next, MindBody allows you to find your groove with your workout style and test out classes your own way.

5) WorkOut Trainer by Skimble

This an app for those of you who may prefer exercising alone and just need a bit of guidance with setting goals and planning workout routines. Super simple, once you have downloaded the app and signed in, you’re able to search through recommended exercises and short workout sequences that you can do from home or take to the gym. All they ask for is your age, how active you are currently, what your fitness goals are and what makes it hard for you to be active. You set a goal for how many days you would like to work out per week and it’ll give you reminders to stay on track. The routines can vary from a 13 minute “Off the Coach Core”, 14 minute “Beach Ready” upper body workout, or 4 minute “ Sexy Goddess Warmup”, to 10 minute full body “Yoga for Anxiety” , 12 minute “30 Top Sun Stretches” or a 25 minute “Barre Body Slim Down”.

It’s completely free and you do get a whole range of routines at different levels. If you do feel like stepping it up a notch, however, for £4.99 a month you can create your own programs, workouts and exercises, and gain access to exclusive videos without the pesky ads.

If you’re still a little bit stuck, no fear! If you want some more reviews and tips about the huge amount of classes out there, from boxing sessions to hot yoga, we’ve rounded up our favourite online articles with loads of recommendations below. Good luck, stay fit and healthy, and of course, most importantly, have fun!

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Words by Lottie Franklin