It's time to VERVE UP!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with the amazing team at VERVE, and wow is their energy infectious!

Setting out on a mission to “increase your Karma Footprint”, VERVE is an “international collective of badass feminists” that mean business. They support and encourage women everywhere. Whether it’s through informing and helping other women do the same, on issues of gender equality and human rights violations; raising money to support Tostan, Fistula Foundation and other like-minded organizations; or gathering to share stories, concerns, and ideas, VERVE women are passionate about improving the lives of women and girls.

Millions of women and girls around the world are denied basic human rights and faced with extreme inequalities. They are denied an education. They are denied land ownership. They are denied the right to drive. They are trafficked. They are denied basic safety and human dignity through acts such as forced child marriage, female genital cutting, acts of violence and female infanticide. The lack of access to clean water and adequate medical treatment for females in regions of poverty leads to infections, additional suffering and even death, especially during childbirth. Simply because their birth came with the announcement, “It’s a girl.”

VERVE makes it easy for everyone of us to be a participant in the feminist movement. They advocate that “Activism” shouldn’t be a scary word. Activism is varied and diverse and often has underlying universal themes of equality and respect. It also can and should be a whole lot of fun! As Alice Walker said, “Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet”, and so VERVE are there to be your way of paying the rent.

Society benefits when there is dignity, liberty and equality for all... it’s a proven fact. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help our sisters everywhere achieve dignity, agency and a little more happiness. We believe it is our duty and our privilege to do so.

To help everyone keep in the know about gender justice, making it easier for those of us with crazy-busy lives to get involved, VERVE host numerous events such as monthly Prosecco Think Tanks, annual and ongoing My Bloody GALentine brunches, Tits ‘n Tats feminist tattoo parties, and Walk in Her Shoes fundraising walks, among others. VERVE also works with organisations like Women for Refugee Women and Bloody Good Period to increase awareness and volunteerism. And all of these campaigns, actions and events are designed to be easily replicated so that VERVE women all over the globe can easily get in on the fun.  

You can help grow and spread the word by following, liking and sharing VERVE posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribing to their newsletter.

Badass feminist, activist, or karma-conscious and intrigued, watch this space for upcoming VERVE UP events and see how you too can get involved.



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