Beware of The Armpit Vagina

At The Merit Club we believe in speaking out. If something riles us, we're going to talk about it. What's got us worked up this week? The Armpit Vagina.

We put our bodies under constant scrutiny in today’s society with women staring at themselves in the mirror picking apart all their flaws. As if we don’t have enough to be insecure about a new flaw has surfaced, the armpit vagina.

The phrase is said to have been coined by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, who complained about it at the 2014 SAG awards.

The phrase is said to have been coined by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, who complained about it at the 2014 SAG awards.

The armpit vagina is the new insecurity that apparently females should start fearing. It refers to where the skin folds when your arm meets the torso. Rebecca Corbin-Murray, a celebrity stylist revealed this fashion faux pas in her recent interview with the Sunday Times. She let out that many of her clients complained about this armpit vagina and believed it to be completely insane. Regardless of the fact that it is entirely normal, even in women who are of great shape, it is apparently a huge concern for celebrities walking the red carpet. This new body insecurity has recently flooded social media and it sends out all the wrong messages to young girls and women everywhere. Body image is at the forefront of every young woman’s mind, with cellulite, stretch marks and stomach rolls being a few of the things that women have to worry about in order to adhere to society’s absurd standard of beauty, we shouldn’t be adding anymore to the list.

In this day and age where we as women are finally starting to appreciate our own bodies, and bodies of all shapes and sizes, it is even more crucial now than ever to fight back against these beauty standards. It comes as no surprise that it’s been made clear that it’s only women who 'should' worry about this even though men have it too.  
It’s easy for us to fall into this trap and accept these new found flaws, but we shouldn’t have to. Every woman should be reminded that she is beautiful and it is down to us to share that with each other. Tell your mum, sister, friend or a colleague at work that they are beautiful, give them compliments whenever you can to reassure them in some way that they don’t need to comply with these crazy body image trends. We should focus on building each other's and our own confidence up, rather than giving into further ways to scrutinise each other. There is so much more to us than the way we look. So, instead of shedding light on this ‘insecurity’ in such a negative way, we must try to embrace it and celebrate women in all their form.

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Words by Mine Sherefali