Seven Steps to Sleeping Smarter

Following on from our blog post on the Power of Sleep, we thought we would round up a selection of gifts, for yourself or a loved one, that provide easy ways to help de-stress and relax both your body and mind.

Revolutionising the way we think about sleep, has so much importance on our livelihoods; from stress levels, memory, and performance, to weight loss, appearance and happiness. As Shawn Stevenson, author, scientist and health-guru, so emotively expresses, it's not necessarily about sleeping for longer, it's about sleeping smarter. We need to cultivate a mindset and approach to sleep that will work for us and in turn reap so many rewards.

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Printed Yoga Mat

La Vie Boheme Yoga Santiago Printed Mat

Available at Net-A-Porter, £105.00



As Studies have shown, Yoga has been proven to help with sleep, with certain stretches helping to prevent waking in the night due to stiffness, aches and pains, and particular poses helping to leverage your body's natural sleep-facilitating processes. Using a combination of breathing patterns and positions, yoga can create optimal physical and physiological foundations for falling asleep. It gives your muscles a workout and allows for your brain-space to welcome mindfulness and a more anxious-free state of mind..

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Super Elixir

Sleep Welle Anti-Anxiety Tea

Available at Selfridges, £48.00



Far more than just your average PG tips, this Super Elixir Sleep Welle tea has all the ingredients to ease your stress and help you towards an anxiety-free sleep. With a combination of natural remedies, including lemon balm, passion flower, natural lemon and mango, together with valerian root, not only does this tea taste delicious, it can also encourage an intensely valuable deep reviving sleep. Enjoy for a moment of calm and stillness, and de-stress with this super special tea!



Bodyclock Starter 30 Wake-up Light

Available at Selfridges, £60.00


Looking to drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed and full of sleep naturally? Want to create an even sleep / wake cycle and make sure your energy levels on track. Featuring thirty minute sunrise and sunset functions, with a dimmable bedside light and snooze feature, the Bodyclock Starter 30 from Lumie is the perfect introduction to waking with light. Why suffer waking up in pitch darkness when you can bring a sense of sunrise, positivity and morning light to your bedroom in the mornings? There’s no denying that sunshine and daylight can have a positive effect on us, and so by exposing ourselves naturally and gently to light in the mornings, we can boost our energy and align our daily rhythm. Rather than jolting straight awake with an annoying beep, a dawn simulator such as this Bodyclock Starter 30, will gradually bring you to your senses and increase the levels of your get-up-and-go hormones, so that by the time you open your eyes, you're properly awake, alert and feeling ready for the day ahead.


Sleep Phones

AcousticSheep SleepPhones v.6 Classic Wireless Bluetooth Fleece Headband Headphones

Available on Amazon, £69.99


The original headband headphones for sleeping, SleepPhones were designed by a medical doctor who wanted a better way to listen to relaxing sounds in bed. This model are undoubtedly the most comfortable sleep headphones on the market, as the first Bluetooth wireless sleeping headphones to incorporate flat speakers in to a soft, comfortable fleece headband and provide 5-7 hours of listening enjoyment in one charge. Helping you to fall asleep faster, these headphones avoid the use of painful ear plugs, are drug free, ultra comfortable and have removable speakers for a machine washable headband. Fall asleep faster, whether listening to soothing sounds or simply blocking out unwanted noise. 

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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

By This Works

Available at Net-A-Porter, £18.00




Blending Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile essential oils has created the perfect deep sleep pillow spray in this handy little bottle, helping to ease you into a stress-free, calm, and relaxed state when your head hits the pillow. A fool-proof and inexpensive method, with a little bit of luxury you can enjoy, this is a secret sleep weapon that will calm your mind, allowing you to make the most of a truly rejuvenating and restorative good night's sleep. 

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Tony Moly

Panda's Dream Sleeping Pack

Available at Selfridges, £15.00




This is so cute we simply couldn't not include it! From South Korean beauty experts, this is a night mask designed to moisturise and lighten your skin as you sleep. With a light and easily absorbed formula, containing lavender, bamboo sap, bamboo shoot extract and extracts of berries, it works through the night to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Not only is it contained within the most adorable packaging, it has a winning formula for the most dream worthy of night's sleeps.  

Silk Pillow.jpg

Silk Pillow

Slip Embroidered Silk Queen Pillowcase

Available at Net-A-Porter, £79.00




This pillow is fit for a queen. Crafted from the finest mulberry silk, this pillow will protect and hydrate your skin, reduce split ends in your hair, and successfully manages to keep frizz at bag with its special smoothing fabric. One for the beauty lovers, this pillow will help you wake up feeling refreshed and soothed. Nestled within a travel-friendly package, it really is the best companion for your next overnight stay to help ensure you have a beautiful nights sleep.  

What is your favourite sleep enhancer we may have missed?

Words by Lottie Franklin