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Fight Science: Defence Against An Abduction Attempt | Self Defence Moves You Should Know

Continuing on our self-defence theme ahead of our Self Defence Workshop this Sunday, this video for us highlights the raw intensity of an attack and just how important it is to be prepared. As the people behind Fight Science question, let’s say that you are checking your mobile phone when someone suddenly grabs hold of your arms to drag you around the corner. How do you defend yourself? What are the best self defence moves or techniques for that moment of time? If you are a woman what would you do?

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Ladylike: Women Take A Self Defence Class

Watching this video has made us super excited for our self defence class next Sunday, on 5th November. We want to have a go !As these women show, self defence is something you have to be prepared for. It can seem alien and daunting, but a bit of practice will boost your confidence and awareness immensely. With just a few pointers, you can switch from being unprepared and quite defenceless, to a more fearless opponent, determined to get away from a threatening situation.

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When Everything Goes Wrong: How to Survive Being Attacked

No one wants to be a victim of violence, but in our unpredictable world, no one can guarantee that they will always be able to avoid dangerous situations. How to survive being attacked is a basic question we all need to come to grips with. Sometimes an attack is unavoidable. You have to kick in your flinch response and be a survivor. Listen on for some kick-ass confidence… and look out for more blog posts this week on self-defence and ways to make yourself safe, strong and savvy.

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